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The Royal Commission evidence for 30/8/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 46)

F. C. Standish giving evidence

15913 Do you remember my coming to you and telling you that Mr. Nicolson wished to go with me, and asked if you had any objection to his going?— I remember that perfectly.

15914 Do you remember my taking some men from my own district, and sending them up there?— I am not positive on that point.

15915 By Mr. Nicolson— Before this party went up, did I not volunteer to go?— I think you wrote to me from Kyneton, where you were stationed at the time, offering to go.

15916 Did you accept my offer?— Ultimately I did.

15917 Did Mr. Hare and I go up there once or twice?— I think only the once, as far as I remember.

15918 Do you not recollect our going up in the first instance to see the man, to have an interview with the man, and our returning, and then going up within a week or a month?— I do not remember that. I thought you only went up once, but I am not positive.

15919 Do you not recollect our going up once, and then I returning again to my district at Kyneton to wait until the news should come?——Well, it is so many years ago I cannot be sure.

15920 Do you not recollect writing to me when we came down. I told you it was all arranged, or Mr. Hare told you that the matter was all right, and about a week or so afterwards you wrote to me to Kyneton, saying you were sorry you could not accept my services in consequence of Dr. Ford's statement about my health?— Yes, I recollect that.

15921 Does not that bring to your recollection that we went up twice?— You may, but I do not recollect

15922 Do you recollect my coming down and seeing you the following morning after you wrote that letter?— You may have done so

15923 And telling you that Doctor Ford said I could go if I felt strong enough, and stating that I was quite fit to go?— No, I do not.

15924 I did go?— Yes.

15925 Did you not tell me when I volunteered to go, that you were very glad, and you would send Mr. Hare up to drive me, to save the jolting in the coach, and perhaps Mr. Hare would be of some use to me?— No; Mr. Hare was the man I selected for the duty.

15926 Do you recollect about the driving up in the buggy and the jolting in the coach?— No.

15927 Do you recollect speaking to me a month or two before Sir George Bowen left this colony, to the effect that he had remarked what a fine young man Mr. Hare was; that he had captured Power, and you replied that there was not much in that, as Mr. Nicolson had captured Power?— That is not the case I never said such a thing.

15928 And that Sir George Bowen would not listen to you, saying Mr. Hare had told him he had captured the man, and you were mistaken?— I never said such a thing to you.

15929 Will you kindly look at that letter?— This is the letter alluded to in Mr. Graves's evidence (my own letter, dated May 5th 1880 ). [The witness read the same.]

15930 Mr. Graves states in that that Wallace had nothing to do with the writing of the letter, and that he ( Mr. Graves ) “had neither seen nor held communication with him for many months.” Do you recollect Mr. Graves stating that to you?— I do perfectly.


15932 Is that statement of yours correct?— Quite correct.

Mr. Nicolson — Well, I do not wish to pay you a compliment, but I believe your evidence to be correct in preference to believing Mr. Graves 's contradiction.

15933 By Mr. Sadleir— In sending Mr. Nicolson up to Benalla, on hearing of the murders, was it the intention to supersede me in any way?— No; but for an arduous duty of that kind it was necessary to send somebody up, because you would not have had time to look after your office affairs.

15934 You did not look upon it as superseding me?— Not in the least.

15935 Nor when you went up there with Mr. Hare, there was no superseding me in the intent?— Not in the least.

15936 You think the duties of the district were quite enough to occupy my time?— Yes; an enormous district like that would take up all your time.

15937 But I was bound to give all the assistance I could in such a case?— So you always did.

15938 Would you put me down as the responsible officer in the Kelly business at any time?— During the whole time I was there, Mr. Hare and you and I used to discuss matters together, and have a kind of council.....

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