The Argus at KellyGang 20/2/1873

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Works that were for a short time suspended on the second section of the North Eastern Railway, have been resumed, and there is a probability that the line will be opened to Violet Town early in the next month, and to Benalla in two or three months' time. Steady progress is being made with the cylinder bridge over the Ovens River . Of the 26 columns which are to support the bridge, 20 have been sunk, and the majority filled, with concrete. The larger number of the cylinders are 4ft. in diameter, those on each side the immediate bed of the stream, where the greatest span will be, 7ft. in diameter. After the cylinders are placed in position, a weight of some 30 tons railway iron is placed on their summit, but owing to the care taken in sinking to the bed-rock by means of the diving-bell, an inch or two has been in every case the extent of the deflection. The total length of the structure when completed will be about 700ft; the span over the bed of the river proper, on each side of which the 7ft. cylinders are placed, about 120ft. All the material, including girders, &c, are on the ground, and it is expected that the bridge will be completed in about six months from date. Mr Cundy, who is superintending the erection of the structure, has a specialty for this description of work, other bridges on tile same principle on the third section being erected under his supervision. Good progress has been and is being made on the third section, and were the works on the second section as far advanced, by dint of extra exertions the line might be opened throughout in three months' time. As it is, there is little probability of traffic being conveyed as far as Wangaratta prior to July.

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