Alexandra Times at KellyGang 15/2/1873

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(full text transcription)

Now that the Shire Council has plenty of funds for erecting bridges and making roads all over the shire, surely there can be no objection to £10 or £15 being spent in supplying Alexandra with at glass of clean water. At present the township is supplied from a water hole in the U. T. Creek close to the new brick manufactory. All the drains from the population settled above the hole referred to, must find its way into the water for which the people of Alexandra pay Is 6d pair load. Most of the residents of Alexandra have tanks, barrels or tin cases for catching the rain water. This while it lasts is the best water that can be had, but when that limited supply is exhausted then they must fall back on the water-carriers, who supply a kind of milky water from the draining of a Chinaman's garden and such other material as may be carried down from the settlements up the creek. This is too horrible to think of, and for the sake of common decency, the spring of pure water near the brick yard should be dug 10 or 12 feet deep, built up with bricks, and a pump placed there. This would give at clear supply of water at a cost of about £15. No £15 could be better spent.

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