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inner Melbourne suburb to the north east of the city


Importance of Richmond

The main police depot was in Richmond. It was located at the junction of Punt Road and Wellington Parade. Later there was a State School on this corner

What was Richmond like in the late 1870s



Facilities in Richmond in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Churches Schools Bank Main Streets Local Government Police Station Railway Station Telegraph Office

Post Office Other things of interest Police horses won many races at the Richmond race course

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Sup Hare ran the police depot at Richmond when he was not chasing the KellyGang or the county of Bourke.

The police at the depot the mounted police were drilled using the old carbine, the muzzle loader and pistols. The foot police were armed with the ordinary Enfield rifle. (RC3478)

Ass Com Standish ordered police the Richmond depot to North Eastern Victoria after the Stringy Bark Creek murders.(Argus29/10/79)

Const McIntyre spent time in the hospital at the Richmond police depot (OMA14/8/1880)

The end of the Richmond depot (Argus11/1/81)

Members of the Richmond community

What happened at Richmond after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Richmond today - linked to the Kelly Country and Ned Kelly's story

Until recently Richmond was home to workers cottages and factories. In more recent time the suburb has been seen as a good place to live near the centre of Melbourne. There is no real trace left of the horses and drill ground of the old police depot from the time of the KellyGang.