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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 5/5/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 16 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
4162 - 4402 5/5/1881 Const Dowling
4403 - 4680 5/5/1881 Jacob Wilson
4688 - 5140

10009 - 10020



Continuation of Const Dowling's evidence

Continuation of Jacob Wilson's evidence

Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission


Summary of the evidence on day 16 of the hearings

5/5/1881 Const Dowling commenced his evidence - some brief highlights

Const Dowling came up to North Eastern Victoria and was stationed at Mooroopna for a time. Later he went to Beechworth and then out to do duty at Aaron Sherritt's place.

On 19/6/1880 Sup Hare and Det Ward came out to see the police at Aaron Sherritt's place. Dowling had a particular view of Ward's evidence. Dowling was chopping fire wood when Ward arrived. There was no reason to lie.What was this all about? Dowling answers questions that covered these events.

Dowling was on the floor in the bedroom when Aaron Sherritt was shot. He gave a full acount of what happened

5/5/1881 Jacob Wilson commenced his evidence - some brief highlights

Jacob Wilson was a selector who lived at Greta. He lived near Tom Lloyd and within 4 miles of the Kellys.

The police purchased hay from him and he suffered at the hands of the sympathizers.

In March 1880 Jacob Wilson found some hobbles but he was frightened to give any information to the police. After the KellyGang had their horses in his paddock their friends came to his house at three o'clock in the night and ordered him up, took a big piece of stick, and said they would bet me up. They then took him down to the creek.

Wilson then went to see what was going on at Tom Lloyd's place, was it the KellyGang?

What happened?

Who worked under cover at the Glenrowan railway station?

Wilson lost his selection for a debt of £17, how much was the selection worth?

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