Royal Commission report 6/7/1881

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Story of the KellyGang - the Royal Commission 6/7/1881

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Summary of the evidence on day 36 of the hearings
Question number Date Witness
12769 - 12800 6/7/1881 Rev M Gibney
12801 - 12994 6/7/1881 Const Fitzpatrick
12290 - 12353 28/6/1881 Start of Rev M Gibney's evidence
Appendix Title
20 Minutes of Proceedings at Meetings Held by the Royal Commission

Summary of the evidence on day 36 of the hearings

6/7/1881 Rev Gibney's continued his evidence - some brief highlights

The Royal Commission commenced the day by informing Rev Gibney that Mr. Sadleir, who hand charge of the police at the taking of the Kellys, thought that some of his statements might be prejudicial to Sup Sadleir, and Sup Sadleir desired some questions to be put to Rev Gibney. Rev Gibney's commenced his response by saying, "I may remark that if any word of mine would wound, which is not necessary for truth, I hereby desire to record my wish to blot it out."

6/7/1881Const Fitzpatrick commenced his evidence - some brief highlights

The Royal Commission asked Const Fitzpatrick to state the circumstances that occurred at the time that he went to Mrs. Kelly's hut on the 15th April 1878.

Why did Fitzpatrick go to Mrs Kelly's? Who told him to be careful?

"When I went first to the place Dan was not there, only Mrs. Kelly and some of the younger children of the place, and I entered into conversation for a while to see if there was any chance of Dan putting in an appearance."

"So I rode up to the place again, and called out "Dan," and he came out, and as soon as I saw him I walked up to him. He hand his hat and coat off, and a knife and fork in his hand. I said, "I am going to arrest you on a charge of horse stealing, Dan." He said, "very well, you will let me have something to eat before you take me?" I said, "All right." He said, ..."

"She rushed at me with this shovel and made a blow; at me, and smashed my helmet completely in over my eyes; and as I raised my hand to keep off the shovel. Ned fired a second shot..."

Who was armed. What sort of weapons did they have?

"He (Ned Kelly) wanted to take it out with a razor, and I took out my penknife and he held my hand and I took it out. It was not very deep in; it was a small-sized ball."

"What really did occur afterwards?- "

What was the outrage at Winton that involved Jack Lloyd, Tom Lloyd and Dan Kelly?

What did Fitzpatrick think of Ned Kelly and the reasons for the outbreak?

Why was Fitzpatrick charged with misconduct for laughing, see details?

What was the incident with the swagman all about?

Fitzpatrick was out with many search parties including the one to the Warby Ranges.

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