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The Royal Commission Appendix 5

(full text transcription)

Reported Appearances of the Kelly Outlaws

Date report received

Date of appearance

Where seen

Steps taken by Police

7/1/79 5/1/79 Four men, supposed outlaws, on Chiltern road Reported by Sergeant Harkin, who made search, but could not trace these persons, not supposed to be the outlaws.
8/1/79 4/1/79 Pat. Quinn's, near Moyhu (all the outlaws). N. Kelly dressed as a woman No steps The informant, George Cherry, to inquire of his informant, and report further. No further report from Cherry
9/1/79 1/1/79 Tarnagulla (Steve Hart only) Inquiry by local police. Story unfounded.
10/1/79 6/1/79 Three miles from Kilfera to Greta Gang inquired about Harty's arrest, and threatened police. No steps, as information did not indicate particular locality, and was too stale
13/1/79 7/1/79 McIvor's hut, four miles from last locality Information too stale; Senior-Constable Strahan, with watch party, placed at crossings in vicinity.
13/1/79 9 and 10/1/79 At Wright’s mail station, Wodonga and Chiltern road Inquiry by Sergeant Harkin and police, who report matter doubtful. Detective Eason, by telegrams on 17th, thinks report not reliable.
16/1/79 About 10 days before (10/1/79) Stony Creek, near Violet Town Search by police, without result.
17/1/79 4/1/79 Barwidgee Report too stale
18/1/79 25/12/78 Near Winton Reported by Acting Chief Secretary, who directed search to be made in locality indicated for proceeds of bank robbery. Search by Senior - Constable Strahan and party, who could not find the “plant.”
17 & 19/1/79 4/1/79 Barwidgee, by Chinese Ah Maw (all the outlaws seen) Party sent on 20th accompanied by informant. No trace, and report considered doubtful. Banks in neighborhood warned.
21/1/79 21/1/79 Muddy Creek, Euroa, and Murchison road Reported by Patrick Moffat (constable on leave). Superintendent Sadleir and party, by special train, searched and found report untrue. Informant mistook others for outlaws.
21/1/79 15/1/79 Dry Creek, near Doon (Steve Hart only) Inquiry by Mansfield police. Report traced to Absalom James, who afterwards denied the affair.
25/1/79 22/1/79 Near Winton railway gates No record of action taken.
27/1/79 27/1/79 On Strathbogie, over Violet Town (Ned Kelly and Steve Hart only) Reported by alias Sherrington to Assistant Commissioner of Police that he had seen offenders same day, and spoken to them. Four parties of police sent out on 29th. Report believed to be wholly unreliable.
27/1/79 About 17 th


Strathbogie A mere suspicion.
31/1/79 29/1/79 Sheep Station Creek, near Beechworth A. Sherritt reported seeing D Kelly and Joe Byrne, and other information.
2/2/79 21/1/79 Tom Lloyd's, near Greta Too stale to act upon.
3/2/79 I/2/79 Lancashire Lead, near Chiltern. Byrne and (supposed) Dan Kelly Party, under Senior-Constable Strahan, on foot, sent to inquire; Superintendent Sadleir also followed. Traces could not be followed
8/2/79 No date Gang supposed near Tallangatta getting horses to cross river Superintendent Sadleir to Albury to inform and act with police there on same day. Senior-Constable Mullane and parties also in search near Tallangatta.
10/2/79 10/2/79 Jerilderie, New South Wales Jerilderie bank stuck up. Four parties to watch crossings to Victoria, and all police warned
11/2/79 10/2/79 Cashel Report unfounded. Kellys at Jerilderie this day. SeeB154.

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