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The Royal Commission Appendix 5

(full text transcription)

Reported Appearances of the Kelly Outlaws

Date report received

Date of appearance

Where seen

Steps taken by Police

7/11/79 7/11/79 Coloopna, near Shepparton [Report that nine armed men seen. Turned out to be cricketers.]
7/11/79 23/11/79 Nerandera, New South Wales Action taken by New South Wales police.
13/11/79 13/11/79 Jones's house, near Beechworth Detective Ward sent to make enquiries. No tracks. Dan Kelly appeared at hut this afternoon, with revolver in hand, and asked for Jones, and searched each room for him. Jones was working in a paddock, but, on hearing of Dan Kelly's visit, he hid himself until dark, and rode into Beechworth, frightened lest the gang had come to carry him off Mr. Nicolson arrived accidentally at 12 pm. Jones instructed to conceal his fear from the gang by going to Julien's to amuse himself, and thereby account tor his absence from home.
17/11/79 14/9/79 Murphy's hut No steps. Too stale. Outlaw Byrne said to have visited Murphy's empty hut on 14th September.
20/11/79 1/7/79 Near Nilacoota, Mansfield road, (supposed Ned Kelly only) [No action. Report too stale.]
27/11/79 23/11/79 Mrs. Jones's, near Beechworth Further special steps taken to protect banks, and warning given. Beechworth reinforced. Cave party being formed. On November 23rd Byrne visited Jones's hut about 8 p.m. Other members of the gang evidently outside. Dogs barked for two hours before he entered. He was well dressed. Shook hands with all, including Moses. Complimented Jones upon the work he had done for them about posting letters and caricatures during past month. Said that Dan had been sent on the 13th to tell him not to meet him at Evans's Gap. That he and Ned had two separate plans for doing one of the Beechworth banks. His own plan was to get into a bank quietly at night. Stick up the manager in or out of bed. If he had not all the keys, one of the gang and one of the brothers S. were to accompany Byrne to the person who had the keys, and get them, even if blood was shed over it. Two of the party were then to remain with the bankers until the money was got out of the safe, and then Byrne was to carry off the swag. Byrne said their horses were bad. His grey horse was still the best. A female present suggested if he would tell where the others were and give himself up he might get his pardon. He replied that the people would say he was worse than Sullivan and hunt him out of the colony. He remarked that the police were tired of watching his mother's place. He looked as if fretting. Now looks under 10 stone weight He left about 12 p.m., saying he would come again on Sunday the 30th. Information four days old. Offender on foot. No tracks left Moses to watch Mrs. Byrne's Jones to sleep in his garden, outside his hut. Cave party established on 3 rd December.

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