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The Royal Commission Appendix 5

(full text transcription)

Reported Appearances of the Kelly Outlaws

Date report received

Date of appearance

Where seen

Steps taken by Police

29/4/80 27/3/80 Broken Creek Communicated to Glenmore police. On the 27th March Four horsemen, believed to be the gang, called at a hut Broken Creek. Lake Rowan, and enquired for a well-known resident of Lake Rowan. They were informed that the person they enquired for was inside. They replied that the man they wanted was another of same name, who lived at Glenrowan, and they rode away. C. 2l5.
30/4/80 7/4/80 In Greta [Reported by a woman, who says she saw the outlaws D and E. Kelly in daylight, riding through township. Not credited.]
1/5/80 Not stated Mrs Byrne's, Sebastopol [Reported by anonymous letter. No action.] 8 th May 1880 Examined with Renwick maps of roads Moyhu, Greta; and Lake Rowan district, prior to another tour.
11/5/80     Constable Bracken stationed at Glenrowan for police duty but really to assist Smith in watching Mrs Skillian's at night, and other work. Communicated to Sergeant Steele, Wangaratta. Watch party formed upon Warby Ranges. Suspicious movements of Dick Hart, elder brother of outlaw Steve Hart. He has returned to Mrs. Jones’s, Glenrowan. On night of 14 th Dick went up behind the hotel; absent two hour . Next night he came out in front of house, and cracked a stockwhip three times, like a signal.
15/5/80     A party of horsemen passed through Glenrowan, going north. Two returned, one missing. The rest overhauled at Yarrawonga by police. Proved to be John, Dan, and Mick Nolan. Renwick, watching Ryan's, Lake Rowan, discovering that some one was hiding in a hut, Senior-Constable Kelly and Lake Rowan police searched the hut, And found Tom Lloyd to be the occupant and the Missing man of the band of sympathizers above referred to
17/5/80 10/5/80 Near Chiltern Mrs. Jones of near Beechworth, reports visit of Byrne and Dan Kelly to B—n's.(see 71)
18/5/80 10/5/80 Near Chiltern This information tested further, and found correct. Moses on watch. Beechworth police discovered B ——n had visited Sebastopol, and conveyed a letter from outlaw Byrne to his mother. Detective Ward also reports message sent by Mrs. Byrne to Mrs. Jones, near Beechworth, not to let Moses know, nor to allow Joe or Dan to visit her house, lest Moses should betray them.
21/5/80 21/5/80   Sergeant Steele instructed to have Hart's house, near Wangaratta, watched at night. Denny reports that the plough mould boards recently stolen had been fitted into jackets for outlaws to wear
22/5/80 22/5/80   Smith on watch. McAuliffe has given notice to the outlaw Ned Kelly that he must get some money. He must do another bank, as he, McAuliffe, was unable to continue aiding him longer



24/5/80 &


At Mrs Sherritt’s and Mrs Byrne’s Sebastopol [search party started, but withdrawn on account of rain, by recommendation of local police and Moses] (see rc67)
29/5/80 26/5/80 Sebastopol Mr Nicolson despatched Renwick by night train to Beechworth, to reconnoitre, &c. Arranged for party of police to watch Mrs. Byrne's temporarily while other steps were being taken. Mr. Nicolson interviewed one person at Beechworth; who alleged she saw the outlaw Byrne at Murphy’s empty hut, and that another person saw the four outlaws at Mrs. Byrne's hut. Mr. Nicolson informed Detective Ward and Senior-Constable Mullane of his leaving North-Eastern District, and explained to them the necessity for their obtaining Superintendent Hare's authority to continue employment of Moses after Mr. N. leaves, as no authority existed from Chief Commissioner of Police to employ him. Mr N had done so latterly at his own risk
30/5/80 30/5/80 Sebastopol (Joe Byrne only supposed) [Reported by Scout Renwick. Search party, under Mr. Nicolson, with trackers, with result that tracks seen were not those of outlaws.] Searched place of alleged appearance, and found information to be incorrect.
31/5/80 Previous week Woolshed Creek Scout informed. Report too stale
Mr Hare in charge
19/6/80 Various within last nine months Fifteen-mile Creek and neighborhood No action police See D7
14/6/80 Three weeks previous Near Greta Report indefinite No action See D10


Acting Commissioner of Police


Superintendent of Police

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