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The Royal Commission evidence for 13/4/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 12)

Superintendent Sadeir giving evidence

2658 He went over each account that could be due to each man?— That account would want no explanation; that would explain itself.

2659 Do you remember one subject that he told me in connexion with this, beyond the accounts?— He told you what the agents had been doing, and everything that was important.

2660 In fifteen minutes, over eleven months' experience?— He did not go further than the last few months.

2661 Did he give any other information, beyond stating that Mrs. Sherritt had seen Joe Byrne in the shed?— That was the very latest information.

2662 Did he give anything later than that?— No; I do not remember that he did.

2663 This man, “Diseased Stock,” had been in the employ of Mr. Nicolson for eleven months?— He had been in communication with us for a long time.

2664 After I left I gave his name to Mr. Nicolson?— I know this man was in communication with the officers of police before Mr. Nicolson came up a second time.

2665 He was with Mr. Nicolson for eleven months?— I know that he was in communication as far back as April.

2666 Do you know how many letters were written from that agent to Mr. Nicolson?— I could only find three.

2667 Were there not more than that?— I think his communications were verbal, mostly.

2668 Were there not more than three letters?— I do not think it; I have no recollection. I found three, and sent them to Mr. Nicolson.

2669 Do you mean to say only three for the eleven months?— I have no recollection of it, I could not speak distinctly about them if I had not seen them.

2670 Were there any other letters removed from the office about the Glenrowan affair besides those three?— No.

2671 Was not Mr. Nicolson in the office between the Glenrowan affair and the time you sent the letters down; did he not visit the office?— I know that Mr. Nicolson came up with his wife to Benalla; I am not quite sure he came to the office, I think he did—yes.

2672 Were there any papers connected with this matter referred to out of that private drawer? There was nothing taken unless Mr. Nicolson were to steal them, nothing removed by him or anybody else.

2673 Was that drawer opened and any reference made to letters?— No, after he left I took the key and kept the drawer myself.

2674 By the Commission . —Where did you get the keys?— I think Mr. Hare sent them to me after the day he was wounded.

2675 By Mr. Hare. —Were they referred to on that occasion that Mr. Nicolson visited Benalla?— I do not think so. Mr. Nicolson may have asked for information, but I am certain there was nothing taken unless it was stolen without my knowledge.

2676 Where are the letters now that Mr. Nicolson wanted to take on that occasion, when I asked for them to be left to read?— They are amongst the papers catalogued, you will find it on the file.

2677 You say you do not recollect any other subject being touched upon except the one of Joe Byrne's being seen up by Mrs. Sherritt's on that occasion?— I know Mr. Nicolson, in talking the matter over to you, talked about every point that I thought would have been of any use to you or that you would desire to know.

2678 But eleven months' work could not be told in that time?— He did not talk about eleven months' work.

2679 Was it only one week?— He gave you all the information that was in our own minds at that time.

2680 With regard to “Renwickalias, do you remember his coming down from Beechworth?— Yes.

2681 Do you remember his making an appointment to meet me that night?— Yes, you told me of it.

2682 Do you know whether he did meet me?— I remember you told me afterwards he would not work for you......

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