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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 16)

'Jacob Wilson giving evidence'

4540 Have you received any remuneration from the Government for keeping Stephens?— Yes; he paid me eight shillings, and he went away. Superintendent Sadleir asked me in Benalla what he gave, and I told him, and he gave me £1 then. I got £1 8s. for that.

4541 And how much for the hay?— Thirty shillings. They were in my paddock two nights and two days.

4542 Did you bear a good character in the district?— Yes.

4543 Were you ever summoned by the police for any offence?— Never in the colony. I can say before this Commission, I am 29 years in this colony, and there is nothing against my character.

4544 Why did you wish to be examined before this Commission?— I wished to be examined because I suffered greatly, and so that I may get compensation from the Government for my loss.

4545 Were you on a selection?— Yes.

4546 How long?— Five years.

4547 Have you paid the rent?— Yes, every rent.

4548 What has been done with the land now?— Somebody else has got it now.

4549 Has it been re-selected?— No. I owed some money, and I am seven months in Melbourne now. A man named De Boos has got it now.

4550 You owed some money on this land?— Yes.

4551 In consequence of those difficulties did you pay your rent?— Yes.

4552 Did you owe some money to a storekeeper?— Yes.

4553 Who was that?— De Boos.

4554 Did De Boos sell your land under the sheriff?— Yes.

4555 Who was the purchaser?— He was himself.

4556 Would it have occurred—would you have been in debt and your land sold if you had been able to remain on it?— No, because I have three big sons, and they have to run away from the district the same as I have. £17 was all the debt I was in.

4557 Did De Boos sell your land for that?— Yes.

4558 How many acres?— Fifty-five acres.

4559 Then it was sold for that?— That sill I was in debt.

4560 What improvements were on it?— There were improvements on it valued by the Crown lands bailiff at £106, and I have another receipt for clearing five acres valued at £20.

4561 Where are your sons now?— I do not know; I have not heard from them since the 17 th October.

4562 They have cleared out?— Yes.

4563 Before that were they living with you?— Yes.

4564 What do you estimate your loss at?— Well, my loss is very great, if I estimate it. I lost my living and I lost my liberty.

4565 Was not there some arrangement made between yourselves and the police to make use of it as a station?— Mr. Sadleir said to me, one time I was there, they were going to put up police stations, and he thought my place might be a suitable place to put a station on; and I said it was the best place they could have, because all the gaps in the dividing ranges coming from Mansfield and into Greta are near there, and it would answer well as the people travel that road mostly.

4566 Who travel that way?— Those outlaws and the horse thieves.

4567 That arrangement came to nothing?— No, it came to nothing; he said he would see what he could do, and that was the last I heard of it.

4568 How long have you been in Melbourne ?— Seven and a half months.

4569 What money have you to live upon?— I came to Melbourne with very little money, £26, when I started from Benalla, but I had to give my son some, and I am indebted a good deal in Melbourne .

4570 What are you doing?— I have just got a situation to go to to-morrow.

4571 Did you get any employment since you came down?— No.....

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