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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 16)

'Jacob Wilson giving evidence'

4572 How many sons have you?— Three.

4573 What ages are there?— One is 21 years, another is 20, and the other is 18.

4574 What were you doing before that, were you all living on the 50 acres?— No, my eldest son had rented a little farm from a man named Cass, at Glenrowan.

4575 Has he gone from his farm?— Yes, after Ned Kelly was captured there were some of the outlaws' friends round his place every night for about a month, and he had to call the attention of his neighbors to look out and help him to watch at night. He went to Glenrowan to the constable in charge there, and informed him of what had happened, but the constable said it was as much as they could do to look after themselves; there were only four constables in Glenrowan, and they could not look after him.

4576 You know Tom Lloyd's house?— Yes.

4577 Supposing you had seen the Kellys there in the evening at eight o'clock, and you had gone into Benalla and given information to Mr. Sadleir that they were there or in Patterson's paddock, would there have been any difficulty in the police getting there?— No, no difficulty if they were ready to go.

4578 How many miles is it from Benalla?— About twelve miles.

4579 Would there be any difficulty in finding Tom Lloyd's house at paddock if they got out at Lurg?— No.

4580 What is the road from Benalla to Tom Lloyd's?— You go to Kilfera station—the Kilfera road they call it.

4581 Up the main road?— Yes, the main surveyed road to Greta, and there is a cleared road up to within five miles of Tom Lloyd's house.

4582 Is it clear at his house?— No, a bush track the last five miles.

4583 Did you give any information to Mr. Hare, the time he sent out the man to stop at your house, that you had sees the Kellys about there?— I had a conversation with him.

4584 That you had seen them previous to the man being sent out?— No; I saw Ned Kelly about a month or two after he murdered the police, but I never gave information, for the reason that everything was in the paper next morning, and I would not run the risk.

4585 You are asked did you tell Mr. Hare that you had either seen the Kellys or were sure they were constantly about there?— I said to Mr. Sadleir and Mr. Nicolson, when I was in conversation, that I was perfectly sure they were at Lloyd's house on occasions.

4586 Occasionally?— Often.

4587 Could a party of police have gone out to that camp, to examine it, without you knowing it?— Yes, they may have been there without me seeing it.

4588 Are we to understand that you left that district after the capture of the Kellys from personal fear?— Yes.

4589 That you were afraid to remain in that district in consequence of it being known to the Kelly sympathizers that you were in communication with the police?— Yes.

4590 And had afforded shelter to one of the police to give information?— Yes.

4591 And that also applies to the case of your sons?— Yes.

4592 And in consequence that your selection of 55 acres and improvements were sold to a party you owed £17 to?— Yes.

4593 And that you have not received anything out of that?— Yes.

4594 Why was Stephens sent to your house?— He was a detective, on the information I gave to Mr. Hare, suggesting that Stephens be sent to my place to watch Tom Lloyd's place, and find out when the Kellys came there.

4595 And you had told Mr. Hare, previous to that, that they were in the habit of coming there?— Yes.

4596 Had you seen them there before?— I had not seen them.

4597 After the time you got up the cherry-tree, had you seen them?— No, I saw them before I got up the cherry-tree; I saw at one time thirteen horses tied up near Tom Lloyd's place.

4598 How long before Stephens was sent to your place, that you saw a number of horses there?— In March, and then we found the hobbles, but I did not give information at once.

4599 Had you seen any unusual gathering of horses between the time of the cherry-tree and the time of the conversation with Mr. Hare?— No.

4600 Is there a well-beaten track from the Lloyds' to the Kellys' house?— Yes; Mrs. Lloyd used to run there with her buggy.

4601 Is Kelly's house on the main road?— Yes, on the old Sydney road.

4602 The road from Greta to Glenrowan?— Yes, the main road from Winton's to Greta, there is no main road to Glenrowan—you have to cross the bush to Glenrowan there.

4603 Kelly's house is on that track?— Yes.

4604 What was the policeman doing while he was at your place?— At the time the Kellys were captured and the time I left the district, the police were twice at my place.

4605 No, I mean Stephens, the man who was at your place did he go out often to look at Lloyd's place?— Yes.....

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