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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 16)

'Jacob Wilson giving evidence'

4606 How often?— Every night he could go out. There was a fellow ploughing at my place, and Stephens was prevented from going out, as we did not want any one to know it.

4607 But every night he could he went out?— Yes.

4608 Had you any crop on your place?— Eight acres of crop.

4609 Did you leave it standing?— Yes.

4610 What crop?— Wheat.

4611 What were your other two sons doing?— I had one son who was a servant with Mr. Bamford, who has been there two and a half years—a farm, near Benalla.

4612 Where is the other?— He was serving with a man named O'Horan, at Glenrowan.

4613 There was only really yourself living on the place?— That was all.

4614 By Mr. Sadleir. —When you informed me about the hobbles, how long were they there before you told me?— I think they were lying there after I was in Melbourne; there were three pairs of hobbles just as they were taken off the horses.

4615 I will read my note of the conversation I had with you. “Wilson called and reported that some month ago his sons found, under the Bald Hills, in a secluded cover, five pairs of hobbles; the ground was beaten about.” The same visit you told about the wires being cut in the fence?— Yes.

4616 I have got it here that your story was that the hobbles had been there a month before you told me?— I do not know how long they were.

4617 Did you find the hobbles there before you came to Melbourne ?— Yes.

4618 How long did you remain in Melbourne ?— Yes.

4619 How long did you find them before you left for Melbourne ?— The same Sunday, Easter Sunday, we found them, and on the Monday I went to Melbourne .

4620 By the Commission. —Did you go to Superintendent Sadleir on your return from Melbourne?— The very minute I came out of the train, on the 3rd of April, there was a note to call at the police station, and I went there at once to see Mr. Sadleir.

4621 Your statement is that you found, on the Easter Sunday, these three wires cut, and the hobbles?— Yes.

4622 They looked quite fresh?— Yes.

4623 You got a letter to go to the barracks?— No, a private message left by Sergeant Whelan.

4624 Did you tell him, when you saw him in that interview, that you saw the hobbles about a month before?— No.

4625 By Mr. Sadleir. —That is not what I said. I have got a note of your conversation here, written at the time on that. I find you called on the 3rd April, and it was your opinion that the hobbles were a month lying?— Some of them. There were five pair of hobbles; two pair looked as if they had been a month.

4626 How long were they lying there before you spoke to me about them?— I think only from the Sunday we found them.

4627 How long were they there before you got them?— There were two pairs looked like a month since they ad been worn; but they may have not used them.

4628 When on told me (that was on the 3rd) you found the hobbles on the Sunday before, would it have been any use going to look for tracks?— No.

4629 Would it have been of the slightest use?— No.

4630 Or to go expecting to find the Kellys ?— No. I only gave you information for you to find, that they came there.

4631 While you were in the cherry-tree how many men rushed by?— I only saw two men go by, whom I am confident were Dan Kelly and young Tom Lloyd ; but I heard plenty on the other side of me.

4632 Were they the only two men that rushed after you?— There were a lot rushed after me, but I did not see them.

4633 By the Commission. —Did you recognize any other voice in that party?— No.....

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