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The Royal Commission evidence for 5/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 16)

Jacob Wilson sworn and examined

4403 By the Commission. —What are you?— A farmer.

4404 Did you receive any information from Superintendent Nicolson?— Yes.

4405 What did he do?— He sent out a constable to my place.

4406 Were you ever a man-of-war's-man?— Yes.

4407 What vessel were you on last?— I was discharged from the Dreadnought.

4408 Where do you live?— I lived near Greta.

4409 Were you a selector?— Yes.

4410 Who was your nearest neighbor?— My nearest neighbor was Tom Lloyd.

4411 Did you know Ned Kelly, the outlaw?— Yes.

4412 Was Lloyd any relation of his?— Yes, Mrs. Lloyd is his aunt.

4413 Mr. Lloyd was his uncle, then, by marriage?— Yes.

4414 Do you recollect when the constables were murdered at Mansfield ?— Yes.

4415 When first did you know anything about the police being in search, as far as you were concerned?— I knew the police were in search in 1878.

4416 Was that after the murders or before?— Before.

4417 Did you know who they were in search of?— I knew they were in search of Ned Kelly, after the outrage on Fitzpatrick, on the Eleven-mile Creek.

4418 How far did you live from the house where the outrage was committed?— About four miles.

4419 You knew all the family?— Yes.

4420 You recollect when the constables were murdered at Mansfield ?— Yes.

4421 How soon did you see the police after that, looking for Kelly?— I do not remember.

4422 Did the police come to your house—a search party—looking for Kelly?— Yes.

4423 What occurred on that occasion?— They asked me if I had seen anything about the Kellys, we said, “No.”

4424 Who was “we”?— There was my son along with me.

4425 Who asked you that?— I think it was Flood.

4426 Did you see any officer?— No, I did not.

4427 What did they do then?— Some time, in 1879, Superintendent Hare came to my place.

4428 Did you know anything of the Kellys when Constable Flood came?— No, we knew nothing about them.

4429 Was that after the murder of the constables?— I am not certain.

4430 Try and fix it?— I am not certain whether it was after the outrage at the Eleven-mile Creek, or after the murders.

4431 Had you seen the Kellys at that time?— No.

4432 When did you next see the police?— I do not think I saw the police till Mr. Hare came to my place with his horses.

4433 Did he ask you had you seen the Kellys?— Yes.

4434 What did you tell him?— I told him I had not.

4435 Had you?— I had seen Ned Kelly in December or January, after the police were murdered.

4436 You had seen Ned Kelly and you told the officers you had not?— Yes.

4437 Where did you see him?— I went to the Kilfera station early in the morning after sheep. We were fencing, for the station, and he crossed the road and bid good morning to me; he was riding a bay horse.

4438 Was he armed?— I did not see any arms; he might have been under his coat.

4439 Mr. Hare asked you might he put his horses into your paddock?— Yes.

4440 What did you reply?— Senior-constable Mills came to my place, and I told him I would not give him any hay; I was frightened to give him any hay, and that if he went to Tom Lloyd’s place he could get plenty of hay there. He said they were camped and had put up their tents at the creek, and it was too late to go to Tom Lloyd's place.

4441 What time was this in the evening?— Just dusk.

4442 Did they put the horses in your paddock?— Yes.

4443 Did you give them hay?— Yes.

4444 Did they pay you?— Yes; fifteen shillings every morning for the hay for 21 horses.

4445 Did you refuse at first to give it?— Yes.

4446 Why?— Because I was fearing that the sympathizers would have a “down” on me.

4447 That is the Lloyds?— Yes.....

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