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The Royal Commission evidence for 10/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 17)

Constable Dowling giving evidence

5135 Were you not away at Byrne's hut?— Not at the time she came in; she came in previous to our going.

5136 She must have known y on were there?— Yes, perfectly well.

5137 Was the reason she came at night to keep her daughter company while you and Sherritt were out?— I believe it was.

5138 Have you any doubt of it?— I could not say.

5139 Did your hear Mrs. Sherritt say that?— No.

5140 You only suppose that was her object in coming?— Yes.

Mr Nicolson . —I would also draw the attention of the Commission to Detective Ward's evidence, on page 90, where there is a warning as to Patsy Byrne—that is dated 23rd June.

The witness withdrew.

[[../../people/peD_G/faulkinerAPmc.html|Constable Alfred John Faulkiner]] sworn and examined .

5141 By the Commission. —What are you?— Mounted constable, stationed at Oakleigh.

5142 Where were you at the time of the search for the Kellys?— On the 28th October 1878, two days after the police murders, I received instructions at Oakleigh to proceed to the North-Eastern District in search of the gang.

5l43 Were you there during the whole time they w ere there?— Yes.

5144 What were you doing particularly?— I was out in search parties.

5145 Under whom?— I arrived in Wangaratta on that evening, and joined Sergeant Steele's party on the 29th. We started in search to the King River , and from there into Mansfield , and arrived there on the 3rd November.

5146 Had any of the party you joined under Steele been out with the party at the time of the murders?— I do not think so. They were principally men who had come from other districts.

5147 Were they principally strangers?— Yes.

5148 Were you engaged after the murder of the constables?— Yes.

5149 In search parties?— Yes.

5150 Under whom?— Sergeant Steele.

5151 You continued under him?— For a time. We arrived in Mansfield on the 3rd November, when we received a telegram to return to Benalla. On our arrival there a special train was waiting to convey the party of police from there to Beechworth.

5152 That was in November 1878?— Yes. We left Benalla about eight p.m. that evening en route for Beechworth in the special train.

5153 What parties were you out with?— Sergeant Steele's was the first party. I think I was then told off for special duty—watching the bridge over the Mitta Mitta, near New South Wales . I was there to January 1879.

5154 You were watching that bridge?— Yes.

5155 After January 1879 what were you doing?— We made a report stating that we thought it was useless carrying on the duty we were at, as the traffic was so much on that road, and asked to be relieved; that was Constable Deacon and myself: I was accordingly removed to Rutherglen, and received a telegram there to report myself at Benalla.

5156 When was that?— I should think that would be some time about the 13th or 14th of January.

5157 Did anything particular happen about that time; any robbery or anything?— During the time I was stationed over the bridge of the Mitta Mitta the Euroa robbery took place.

5158 Did anything occur soon after you were stationed at Rutherglen?— No, nothing.

5159 We have it that on the 10th of February the Jerilderie bank robbery took place. Were you at Rutherglen then?— No, I was not.

5160 How 1ong did you remain?— I think I returned to Benalla about the 14th of January.

5161 Do you recollect the Jerilderie robbery?— Yes.

5162 Where were you then?— We were at the Murray . I returned to Benalla, and there joined Senior-Constable Mullane's party, and travelled some distance up the Murray, the other side of the Corryong. After some time we returned to Wodonga, after searching the place up there, when we heard of the Howlong wires being cut.

5163 What time was that?— I should think about a week or ten days after the Jerilderie robbery.

5164 Is that the Howlong in New South Wales ?— Yes.....

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