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The Royal Commission evidence for 11/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 18)

'Constable Alfred John Faulkiner' giving evidence

5551 After the cave party being broken up on the 3rd or 4th?— Yes, some time after we arrived.

5552 Did he speak about the cave party?— No.

5553 Whom did you report to at Benalla?— Sergeant Whelan.

5554 Did you speak to him about the cave party?— No.

5555 Did you see Mr. Sadleir?— I think I did.

5556 Did you report to any of your comrades, senior-constables, or sergeants your opinion about the cave party being known after the 3rd?— I could not say I did.

5557 Did you before?— No.

5558 Then all the information you gave on the matter is detailed in those letters?— Yes.

5559 Were there any other members of the force left at the cave after you came away?— No, I was among the last that left.

5560 You knew then that the cave party was broken up?— Yes; the cave party was removed to Aaron Sherritt's house.

5561 You knew it was broken up when you left on the 2nd?— Yes.

5562 Then they went direct to Aaron Sherritt's house, a portion of the men?— Yes, soon after Mr. Hare relieved Mr. Nicolson.

5563 You stated you used to put your food in a bag and take it from Sherritt's house?— Yes.

5564 Was that old Sherritt’s house?— Yes.

5565 Did young Jack Sherritt occasionally bring food there?— Yes.

5566 Did he do it at night?— Mostly about dusk.

5567 What food did you get, tinned fish?— Yes.

5568 Did he remove the empty tins or anything, and try to hide the appearance of your being there?— He might, but not to my knowledge.

5569 How did you get water?— Aaron Sherritt brought it in water-bags—I went a few times, but he generally brought the water.

5570 Was there any other man, except the two Sherritts or the women, that supplied you with provisions that you know of?— No.

5571 Do you think that all those three girls at Sherritt's house, and Aaron Sherritt, and young Sherritt, and John Sherritt all knew of the existence of the cave party?— Yes, certainly.

5572 Did you see Mrs. Barry there?— Yes.

5573 She knew of it?— Yes.

5574 Where did she live?— Opposite the hotel—that is facing the cave; the cave is away up in the hill

5575 Has she got a family?— Yes, one or two little ones. Aaron was married at this time, living with Mrs. Barry, in the house.

5576 He had not gone to his own house?— No.

5577 By Mr. Hare. —You say the supplies came from Sherritt's house?— Yes.

5578 Who took them there?— Allan, the storekeeper, from Beechworth.

5579 What distance is that?— About between five and six miles.

5580 Did they know whom the supplies were for?— Not to my knowledge.

5581 Do you know who paid for the supplies?— Yes.

5582 Who?— The Government.

5583 And Allan conveyed them to Sherritt's house?— Yes.

5584 By the Commission. —How do you know the Government paid?— Because we had a note out from Detective Ward that the cart would be out in the evening with the provisions, and we had to write to Ward for the provisions when we required them.

5585 Still you did not know of your own knowledge that some one else may not have paid the storekeeper?— I suppose it was the Government.

5586 You arrived at that conclusion because you sent to Ward and he sent to you?— Yes.

5587 Do you know Allan's store in Beechworth?— Yes.

5588 Do you know that any officer of police is in the habit of going there and ordering provisions?— No.

5589 By Mr. Hare. —Who ordered provisions?— We wrote to Detective Ward.....

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