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The Royal Commission evidence for 17/5/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 21)

[[../../people/peB/barryDpc.html|Const Daniel Barry]] sworn and examined .


The Honorable F. LONGMORE , M.L.A., in the Chair;

J. H. Graves, Esq:, M.L.A., G. R. Fincham, Esq., M.L.A.,

G. W. Hall , Esq. , M.L.A., W. Anderson , Esq., M.L.A.,

J. Gibb , Esq. , M.L.A., E. J. Dixon , Esq. , J.P.,

Mr. O'Connor called attention to a paragraph in the Age of the previous day which he considered reflected upon him.

The Chairman stated that the Commission disclaimed all connection with the paragraph in question.

7774.7275 By the Commission— What are you?— Mounted constable.

7774.7276 Stationed where?— Victoria Barracks, at present.

7774.7277 Do you remember hearing of the murder of the three police officers in 1878, in the North-Eastern district?— I do. I was then stationed at Learmonth, in the South-Western district.

7774.7278 Did you propose to go to the North-Eastern district?— I applied to be transferred to that district.

7774.7279 Were you engaged in searching after the Kellys?— Yes.

7774.7280 With how many parties?— I do not know the number of parties. I was, in fact, continually employed, and out.

7774.7281 How many constables went out in those search parties?— Different numbers, with different officers.

7774.7282 Just state what you know—had the different superintendents different methods?— Yes, I think so.

7774.7283 Whom were you under first?— Under Mr. Nicolson.

7774.7284 What was his method the first time when you were out?— The ordinary search parties, with this difference, camping at night.

7774.7285 How many, about, in a party?— About eight or nine.

7774.7286 What was the difference in camping at night?— We would camp, and have tea, put out the fires where we camped, catch all our horses again, and remove in the darkness of night to some other place, perhaps a mile away.

7774.7287 That was a precaution against surprise?— I think so.

7774.7288 Would the eight or nine men make a great noise in going from one place to another?— In the darkness of night?

7774.7289 Yes?— Yes, they would.

7774.7290 Had a second camp been selected previously?— I presume so, but I do not know.

7774.7291 Do not you know whether it was taken up indiscriminately or not?— I was never told. I simply went where the others led to.

7774.7292 Did you in any of those search parties understood that you came close upon the Kellys?— Not until a certain time in the Warby Ranges with Mr. Hare.

7774.7293 What time was that—was that the first time when you came across, when you were with the parties as you thought?— As far as I know, that was the first time we saw any trace or sign. At one time I was at the Euroa Bank robbery—of course they had been there the night before—that was under Mr. Nicolson ; but as for searching for them, the first time was with Mr. Hare , in the Warby Ranges .

7774.7294 What led you to think you were close on them then?— By finding horse marks, the print of shod horses where we camped.

7774.7295 You say you were at the Euroa Bank robbery?— Yes, after the robbery.

7774.7296 You came down with Detective Ward of Johnson's party?— Yes.

7774.7297 Were you told off as one of the party to remain in the cave watching Mrs. Byrne's house?— Yes.

7774.7298 What time was that?— There was one party immediately after the Jerilderie robbery of Mr. Hare's

7774.7299 Were you in that party?— Yes.

7774.7300 How long were you there, approximately?— I think about forty-five days in Mr. Hare's party, watching Mrs. Byrne's house.....

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