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The Royal Commission evidence for 15/6/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 30)


The Hon. F. LONGMORE, M.L.A., in the Chair;

J. H. Graves, Esq., M.L.A., J. Gibb, Esq., M.L.A.

W. Anderson , Esq., M.L.A., G. W. Hall, Esq., M.L.A.,

E. J. Dixon, Esq., J.P., G. C. Levey, Esq., C.M.G.

[[../../people/peN_P/oconnorPinsp.html|'Stanhope O'Connor giving evidence']]

11541 By the Commission— Did you ask the Secretary to write to the Police Department, to Mr. Moors, the chief clerk, for telegrams?— Yes, and for all correspondence between the Chief Commissioner of Police here and the Chief Commissioner of Police in Queensland.

11542 Is this the reply to it?— Yes.—[ The same was read as follows]:—“The attached are all I can trace bearing on the subject. —H. MOORS, 14.6.81.” “N 577, of January 1880, was a telegram to police, Brisbane, about the detachment of two troopers from Mr. O'Connor's party, and keeping them at the depot. We asked if any objection to this; the arrangement would be advantageous.”

11543 That refers to the correspondence you have been asked to produce?— Yes.

The witness withdrew.

[[../../people/peQ_R/rawlinsC.html|Mr Charles C. Rawlins]] sworn and examined

11544 By Mr. O'Connor— You remember the special train arriving at Glenrowan with the police and yourself?— Yes. I wish to ask if I am to be cross-examined on the evidence I gave before the Reward Board, because there were certain corrections I made in that, and I have not yet seen the revised copy.

Mr. O'Connor — I do not wish to deal with that evidence at all.

The Chairman — There is certain evidence before the Commission as to what was done by Mr. O'Connor, given by Mr. Hare, Captain Standish, and others, and Mr. O'Connor wishes to traverse that.

Mr. O'Connor — I will not go out beyond what I have stated in my evidence.

The Chairman — The evidence from the Reward Board is not before us at all.

Mr. O’Connor — I will not deal with that at all.

11545 By Mr. O'Connor (to the witness)— When you got out of the special train what position did you take up on the platform?— I went off that — went away with Mr. Hare.

11546 But when you got out of the carriage?— I went up to Mr. Hare.

11547 And you proceeded where?— He said, “What shall we do?” and I pointed to Jones's hotel, and said, “There is Jones's, that is McDonald's, that is the station-house. You come with me to the station-house; I know the station-master; I will get the information where they crossed the line”; and he said, “All right, but you are not armed.”

11548 Did he give you any weapon?— Yes, a Webley revolver.

11549 Whose was it?— I do not know.

11550 Did you see where he got it from?— He took it out of his belt; it belonged to the police, I believe.

11551 Was it a weapon he was carrying?— I think so.

11552 You got some information at Stanistreet's and returned to where?— We came back—ran back to the platform.

11553 What was done then?— They were getting out the horses when we got back.

11554 What did Mr. Hare do; did he come up and speak to me?— I did not notice; I was standing at the end of the platform, next the railway station.

11555 Did he give orders for the horses to be taken out?— He did before he went away. I understood when we went away that you were to see the horses were taken out.

11556 By the Commission— How did you understand that?— Simply because Mr. Hare turned round when he came there and said, “The horses are being taken out”; and Mr. Hare walked down that way, and I saw him speaking to Mr. O'Connor. I did not hear any order given or anything else.

11557 By Mr. O'Connor— In the act of taking out the horses, was it correct that Bracken ran down on the platform?— Yes, just after one truck was unloaded he came down, before there was a horse taken out. The first horse that was tried to be taken out stuck.....

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