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The Royal Commission evidence for 20/7/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 37)

[[../../people/peS_T/sherrittEllenMrsJnr.html|Mrs. Sherritt, junior]] giving evidence

The public were again admitted to the room.

13309 By Detective Ward — You remember the night that Mr. Hare and I called at your hut?— Yes.

13310 Who was in the hut at the time?— Constables Duross and Alexander .

13311 Did you hear me say anything to the men?— I was there when you came in; you asked where they were.

13312 Who answered?— I think Duross said they were out cutting firewood.

13313 Then did you hear me say anything to them; if so, tell the gentlemen present what I said?— You had not time to say much when Mr. Hare came in after you.

13314 By the Commission— Do you remember anything that Detective Ward said immediately after that?— No, I do not.

13315 By Detective Ward— Mr. Hare came in immediately after–whom did he speak to?— To Duross.

13316 What did Duross say?— He asked Duross where were the men, and he said they were out watching, I think.

13317 Did you hear me tell Duross to say that the men were watching Mrs. Byrne 's house?— No.

13318 If I did say that, would you hear me?— I think I would have heard you, because I was standing just at one side when you came in.

13319 By the Commission— Had Detective- Ward any conversation with Duross, to your knowledge, when you were not close to them?— Not to my knowledge, and could not have any conversation with him while l was there.

13320 You were in the room all the time?— Yes.

13321 Do you know whether Ward met Duross at the door outside before he came in?— I could not say.

13322 By Detective Ward— Do you remember me asking where the men were?— Yes, and I told you they were out cutting firewood, and you told me to run up and tell them to come down as quick as they could and go to Byrne's.

13323 You came down with them after you found them?— Yes, I met them coming down Constables Armstrong Dowling.

13324 Mr. Hare, Constables Alexander and Duross, had left then?— They had left then with Mr. Hare .

13325 Will you tell what I said to Armstrong and Dowling when I met them?— Told them when you met them outside to go as quickly as they could to Byrne's, and be there before Mr. Hare and the others.

13326 Did you hear me say anything that Duross had told Mr. Hare anything?— No, I do not remember anything more.

13327 By Constable Alexander — Had I any conversation with you the night Byrne and Dan Kelly were outside of the hut?— No.

13328 I did not refuse to go out?— No. I heard you say if Armstrong went out you would go out, and you said Armstrong would not go out, he thought it better to wait till morning.

13329 Whom did you ask to go out when you came in?— Armstrong .

13330 Whom did Byrne want outside?— Duross, and it was Armstrong I met first when I came in.

13331 By the Commission— Did Byrne understand that Duross was the man looking for work?— He did not know.

13332 How do you know that it was Duross that Byrne wanted out?— Because I mentioned the man's name. I said his name was Duross, and I said he was a working man, and he came that evening looking for work.

13333 By Constable Alexander — Did you hear Detective Ward whispering to Duross when be came in (on the 19th)?— No, I do not remember he whispered anything, that I could hear.

13334 You did not hear him say anything after he asked where the others were?— No, I do not remember him saying anything after that.

13335 Did he whisper anything either?— No.

The witness withdrew. ....

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