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The Royal Commission evidence for 20/7/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 37)

Const Robert Alexander giving evidence

13107 Mrs. Sherritt hear all that?— She was in the sitting-room.

13108 You say you heard me say to Duross, “Say they are gone down”?— Yes.

13109 You heard nothing more?— Duross asked me to say so, and I said I would not.

13110 When did he ask you to say that?— After you had mentioned it, and I think you had gone out again.

13111 I did not say that to you?— Yes, you said it first before Duross and myself. I heard you say the words myself, and Duross he said it a second time, and I said I would not.

13112 Then when Mr. Hare asked why did not you go down, why did not you tell him then?— He asked me why I had not gone down, and I said I always went with the men.

13113 Do you know what the instructions were–what hours you were to go down, and what you were to do?— The only instructions I got were, they were given to me by Senior-Constable Mullane in the office, that was before we went at all; he said we were to go down, and if we saw Byrne to rush him to prevent him from singing out.

13114 By the Commission— When were they supposed to be in this hut?— I would not be certain I think it was about eight o'clock he said.

13115 By Detective Ward — What hour did you go on every other night?— Well, we went between eight and nine generally–we never went before eight o'clock that I can remember.

13116 By the Commission— Then Mr. Ward must have considered you were not doing your duty when he told you to give that answer to Mr. Hare?— I could not say.

13117 By Detective Ward— Then you were no later that night than any other night?— Well, we might be a little earlier–I never took notice–I was acting under Armstrong 's instructions.

13118 Then it was about the same time?— I never took particular notice.

The witness withdrew. ....

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