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The Royal Commission evidence for 1/9/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 48)

'Sup Francis Augustus Hare giving evidence'

16511 Those people believed that tent belonged to the outlaws—why did not you cause it to be watched?— I did; I watched it myself I went away and came at daybreak in the morning on two different mornings.

16512 As to the constables you took to Whorouly races, do you think that those men, taken in disguise, were able to throw dust in the eyes of sharp men like the splitters in that district?— I do, most decidedly; the way they came, the way they kept out of the crowd. I am as confident as I am sitting here they were not known to the public. The policemen on duty did not know it.

16513 Was not one of the men employed on that duty under the influence of liquor on his return to Wangaratta?— I do not think so. He did not return to Wangaratta.

16514 Did you not speak to him about it—Senior-constable Johnson?— No.

16515 Did you not hear of it?— I will swear I did not.

16516 Did you not caution him about it?— I remember some man made a complaint that Ward and two others, the following day returning from the races, had met someone that they had overhauled, and the man made a complaint about it. I spoke to Ward about it, and he satisfied me there was no cause for complaint at all. That was the following day.

16517 Will you state to the Commission what you have done to warrant the immense confidence that you say Captain Standish placed in you?— I did not say so. I cannot tell the Commission. How is it possible for me to say why Captain Standish placed confidence in me. He came to me from time to time, and consulted me, and I gave my opinion to the best of my ability.

16518 Was it not a fact that he placed great confidence in other officers?— Yes.

16519 Was it not a characteristic of him that there were always one or two officers that he made favorites of—made his intimate companions?— I was never so.

16520 Is it not a well-known characteristic in the force that Captain Standish had always one or two officers that were most intimate acquaintances?— Yes, I think so. I think his most intimate acquaintances were Mr. Winch and Mr. Littleton . I am not a member of the Club, and I only met him on duty, and we were always excellent friends.

16521 By the Commission— Was it a habit of Captain Standish's to go with one officer or two for a time?— I think he used to stick to the same officers, Mr. Littleton and Mr. Winch.

16522 He did not make confidents of others at the time and then give them up?— I could not say so—from the time I came into the city he always seemed to place confidence in me.

16523 By Mr. Nicolson— I am not alluding to you but to the well-known characteristic of Captain Standish in the force?— Both of those officers were intimate acquaintances, and, as members of the Club, they were in the habit of meeting him. Before my illness I do not think Captain Standish had been in my house more than twenty times.

16524 When I relieved you in July 1879, what information did you give me as to the movements of the Kellys?— Every bit of work we had done.

16525 What were the points?— You put them down into your note-book—you were writing down with me, and you were time after time with me. We were sitting in the hotel for hours of a night, and every circumstance I had had to do with during the time I was there I gave you; there was the cave party; all about Mrs. Byrne and Aaron Sherritt—what trust I could put in him, and so on; the “Diseased Stock” man; about the tent in the mountains; about Faulkiner being taken for one of the outlaws, and everything that was in my mind. For hours we sat after dinner for one or two nights, and I assisted you in every way I could possibly do.

16526 What you allude to was similar to your evidence, the story of your adventures?— Yes.

16527 What information was there in that?— I told you the “Diseased Stock” man was the most reliable man I had, and was looked upon as such by Whelan and Mr. Sadleir and myself. I thought if he could do it safely, he would give you all the assistance in his power.

16528 Had you any agents in your pay at that time?— I had men I was paying money to from time to time.

16529 Did you tell me of any other agent besides Aaron Sherritt?— Yes, the “Diseased Stock” man.

16530 What about him?— What I have already mentioned.....

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