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The Royal Commission evidence for 1/4/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 7)

Francis Augustus Hare giving evidence

1450 The Commission. —You obtained those letters through Mr. Sadleir because you thought it would be necessary to have them furnished to you in order to make your statement

1451 The Commission. —Have you returned those papers to Mr. Sadleir?

Mr. Nicolson. —No.

1452 The Commission. —You obtained those documents from Mr. Sadleir—official documents—to assist you to make the statement to the Commission?

Mr. Nicolson. —No, to preserve them for the Commission.

1453 The Commission. —Did you ask Mr. Sadleir to supply you with special letters and documents, or to supply you with all the documents in his possession relating to the Kelly capture?

Mr. Nicolson. —Only these in particular, not special ones.

1454 The Commission. —Have you, since you made use of them for the purpose you obtained them for, returned them to Mr. Sadleir?

Mr. Nicolson . —No.

1455 The Commission. —You obtained them to make your statement?

Mr. Nicolson . —No, for their preservation.

1456 The Commission. —All the documents relating to the Kelly capture should have been retained by the officers as official documents.

Mr. Nicolson . —All the documents were retained there.

1457 The Commission. —They would be retained by the officer in charge?

Mr. Nicolson . —Yes; I left them with him.

1458 The Commission. —Would it be the duty of the officer in charge to take charge of all papers that came into his possession?

Mr. Nicolson . —Yes.

1459 The Commission. —Then, in fact, you have taken extra precautions that these particular letters should be preserved?

Mr. Nicolson . —Yes.

1460 The Commission. —Have you done the same with any other office except the one at Benalla?

Mr. Nicolson . —No, not at all

1461 The Commission. —Have you sent any communication to Sergeant Mullane, at Beechworth, to send you any special paper in his possession?

Mr. Nicolson . —No, I have not, that I am aware of; I have said nothing to Mullane at all.

[Mr. Nicolson was requested to hand in the papers in question, and also that if he had any other original documents to return them to the office.] [ The letters were handed in.]

The Witness (examining the letters) . —I was under the impression there were more letters than these, but no doubt these are all, as Mr. Nicolson says.

1462 The Commission (to Mr. Nicolson). —Did you write as Chief Commissioner for the letters, or as a private person?

Mr. Nicolson . —Entirely as a private matter, because I was deeply interested in them.

1463 By the Commission (to the witness). —You now say you have read all those letters; did you see one dated 12th July 1880 ?

The Witness . —I do not know.

1464 Here is a letter to Mr. Nicolson, of 12th July 1880 , in this; how could you have seen that?— I hope I will have an opportunity of seeing them.

The witness withdrew.

Adjourned to Tuesday next, at Eleven o'clock

[~[[See report of Proceedings 1/4/81]|5812]~]

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5th April 1881 .....

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