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  • | On Wallace, Sherritt & Joe Byrne | Sherritt J
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  • him and said, ‘Mr Nicolson, this is the house of the [[Anne and John Sherritt Snr|Sherritts]]. The outlaws are said to be here.’ He continued to give s ...rty coming a mile away. A little further on, again, was the house of Mrs [[Mrs Margaret Byrne|Byrne]], mother of Joe Byrne, a member of the gang, and this
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  • ...e civilians present, knew anything of what was going on. They no doubt saw Sherritt speaking to the Commissioner, but the later most of the people did not know ...veness, but entirely without effect, and they had to remain satisfied with Sherritt’s promise of assistance as the outcome of their day’s work at ‘Rats
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  • ...South Wales . News shortly arrived that on the evening of the day named by Sherritt men supposed to be Byrne and Dan Kelly had been seen riding towards the Mur
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  • ...owed to go to rest. Steve Hart was left in the house as sentry, and he let Mrs Devine know that on any attempt to escape, she and the imprisoned constable
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  • ...rwise, and the evidence is inconclusive, though there is little doubt that Sherritt cared far more for the reward money than for his faith towards other member ...hich Aaron answered that it was three miles or more. Mr Hare believed that Sherritt had sold him, but on riding forward found that he spoke the truth, for they
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  • ...n their way to the house. The police waited; the outlaws did not come, but Sherritt was confident that before long they would do so, and said that if the polic ...had he been seen with the police and remained afterwards in the district. Sherritt realised his danger and on Mr Hare’s advice left the camp immediately at
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  • ...d to break up the camp, but Sherritt assured him that [[Mrs Margaret Byrne|Mrs Byrne]] had, except through him, no means of communicating with the outlaws ...n hut which was not far distant from theirs. Miss Byrne did not go to meet Sherritt, but the old lady drew him aside and told him she had discovered the police
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  • ...the intelligence with which the ambush was conducted. Some five days after Mrs Byrne caught sight of the police Mr Hare came to the conclusion that it was During the time Mr Hare was in the camp Sherritt spent his days as a rule at his own place or his mother’s, which was near
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  • ...t proposed a little scheme. The outlaws, he said, would be sure to come to Mrs Byrne’s, and Joe Byrne would be leading a pack horse with the treasure st
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  • reported, would visit Lloyd’s next day. A police party accompanied by Sherritt went from Benalla, and arrived before daylight next morning near Lloyd’s
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  • ...and a constable immediately set out to the Kellys’ house to capture him. Sherritt, however, bolted when he saw the trooper coming, and though a couple of sho ...Day was just breaking as they climbed the hill, and at the top they found Mrs Skillion, sitting on a log waiting for them. She saluted the police by putt
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  • ...e in letter writing. One of his compositions, posted in September by young Sherritt was a threatening letter to Detective Ward and other police, warning them o
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  • ...d then rode into Beechworth and told Mr Nicolson who happened to be there. Sherritt was instructed to conceal his fear of the gang and endeavour to remain on g ...rom the New South Wales police at Jerilderie. The train in which Lloyd and Mrs [[Margaret Skillion|Skillion]] travelled was on one occasion searched, but
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  • ...arty of police should be sent to live in concealment in the house of Aaron Sherritt, who had been recently married to a Beechworth girl and was living with his
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  • of [[Police at Sherritt home|four police]] in [[Aaron Sherritt|Aaron Sherritt]]’s house. Aaron had been somewhat under a cloud in Mr Hare’s absence. ...parties, setting one of four constables to watch the Kellys’ house where Mrs Skillion lived at Greta, and another of the same number to watch the Harts
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  • ...d. Aaron asked who was there, and Wicks answered him. [[Ellen Sherritt|Mrs Sherritt]] went to the door, then turning to her husband she said, ‘It is [[Anton ...arry beyond that there was a man looking for work, and glancing at [[Aaron Sherritt|Aaron]] he said, ‘I wanted that fellow. I have got him now and I am satis
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  • ...e were police in the house. [[Joe Byrne|Joe Byrne]] made [[Mrs Ellen Barry|Mrs Barry]] open the front door of the kitchen. It was the back to which Byrne ...ey trusted that the outlaws would not fire through the weatherboard walls. Mrs Barry, indeed, begged them not to, saying that they would shoot her daughte
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