The Alexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express at KellyGang 14/12/1878

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We are indebted to the Argus for the following:

Euroa, Tuesday.

The Telegraph wires were cut to-day three miles from here. The National Bank wase robbed, and the manager, his family, clerks, said servant taken away at half-past 4 pm. They were driven in two vehicles by the Kellys to Mr Younghusband's, at Faithful's Creek Station, and there locked up, with about 20 others, until 11 pm, when they were all liberated without injury. The Kellys stuck up Faithfull's Creek Station about 2 pm. yesterday, and have been about the vicinity since.  One of them dined at De Bos's Hotel today. They brought in a vehicle belonging to Gloster, a hawker, for the purpose of removing the occupants of the bank. They are supposed to have gone in the direction of Violet Town.

BENALLA, Wednesday

On Sunday: last it was currently rumoured in, Benalla that the Kelly gang; had again made their appearance in this district, and that a few days before they had actually been seen and provisions planted for them in the ranges which lie in close proximity to Violet Town. Nothing however, of a tangible nature could be gleaned of the precise whereabouts or movements of the gang. Those presumed to be in the secret were terrified from giving correct information to the police owing to the number of sympathisers the out laws have ;n all parts of the district.

The police evidently attached some importance to the rumours which were present on Sunday and Monday last, for some of them were told off to do special duty on the old Sydney-road, between this township and Violet Town. But all efforts on their part are, no doubt, carefully watched, and thus their endeavours are continually checkmated. Even at the present moment it is known that a bold relation of the Kellys is residing in a boarding house in this town, and during the peat few days it has been particularly noticeable that either the Wrights or the Lloyds have been in and out nearly every day.

Strange to say some old residents. who are well acquainted with the tactics of the Kellys in the bygone horse and cattle-stealing days, predicted that something would be heard of the gang in a day or Iwo. These predictions have been more than verified. About a dozen troopers with their horses arrived at the station about 1am. this morning, and at half-past 3am. a second special from Wodonga to Euroa with police passed through Benalla. At half-past 7, Superintendent Nicolson, accompanied by Mr Wyatt, PM, left Benalla for Euroa to direct the movements of the police.


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