The Alexandra and Yea Standard, Gobur, Thornton and Acheron Express at KellyGang 5/10/1878 (2)

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Any means by which money is circulated in a district must of a necessity benefit all classes of the community, more or less, and as a monthly stock market is now established in Alexandra, it will, we think offer sufficient inducement to buyers to travel a distance to attend, that is if, our stock owners and breeders will give it their support, not only if their own sakes, but for the sake of others as well. Upon tire last occasion no less than 250 head were sold at fair rates, averaging from £6 10s to £10 for fat cattle; rates, we think, sufficient to prove that in future their will be no necessity for the graziers to send their stock to the town markets, and in fact we are sure such will not be the case if they can secure fair prices locally, and thus avoid the expense of the journey and risk of meet. log a bad market. We understand there will be a large quantity yarded at the next market, thus only requiring the support of our breeders and graziers to prove a success, as buyers will come, thus keeping the money amongst us, which otherwise would find circulation elsewhere. The salesmen will adopt the usual course of paying sellers cash and making their own arrangements with the purchasers.

It will be seen by an advertisement that the lease of the racecourse paddock is to be sold by auction this day at 2 pm, at the Corner Hotel.

The number of visitors to the Alexandra Mechanics' Institute from Jan. 23 to Sept. 30 is 2575 - a very fair proof of the value of such an institution. Unfortunately, however, amongst a large community, you will always find some Individuals with a very hazy perception of the difference between meum and tuum. The file of the English Punch seems to have taken the fancy of one of this enlightened class, who forthwith appropriated it. However, it has since been returned, and we trust that there will be no more of this kind of thing.

A correspondent informs us that a grand entertainment is shortly to take place, for the benefit of the Alexandra Cottage Hospital, at Gobur, a meeting having been convened for that purpose and as several ladies and gentlemen (local) have guaranteed their assistance, no doubt the result will be most satisfactory. [Since the above was written we have been informed that the concert and ball are fixed for the 15th inst. Full particulars will be published in our next issue.]

It will be seen by an advertisement in this issue that the land forming the well-known "Mount Battery Estate," Mansfield, is to be sold by auction at Benalla on Thursday, the 31st October, in farms from 100 acres. The terms are said to be very liberal, and doubtless there will be a large attendance of buyers upon the occasion. Any one who may think of becoming an investor can obtain every information by applying to the auctioneer, Mr Stewart, Echuca or Talbot, or of the owners, Messrs Hastings Cuningham and Co., Melbourne.

The committee appointed at the public meeting of the subscribers to tile hospital sat for a short time on Friday last, doing little business, and adjourned for a week.

We are creditably informed that there is to be a day's racing on New Year's Day 1879, and that several gentlemen have been named as stewards, and that from the many promises of support in the way of subscriptions already obtained we may expect a good day's sport upon the occasion, and shall doubtless soon be in a position to publish a programme of events.


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