The Argus at KellyGang 13/1/1873

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(full text transcription)

"Mr Gordon, engineer-in-chief for water supply," the Ovens and Murray Advertiser reports, "visited Chiltern on Tuesday. Within a short time after his arrival, he went, in company with Mr R Arrowsmith, the local surveyor, several members of the Indigo Board, and other gentlemen, to inspect the Barrambogie Springs, whence it is intended to bring a household supply of water to Chiltern, in connexion with a supply also for railway purposes. Mr Gordon was indefatigable in his investigations, and his opinion is understood to be very favourable to the proposed plan. Pressure of business demanding his attention elsewhere obliged him to return to Melbourne . He intends at an early date to devote something like a week to Beechworth, in order to get thorough understanding of the lie of the country, and of the water-power which may be made available."

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