The Argus at KellyGang 14/98/1881

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A statement having been report sent in by the assistant-commissioner, Mr Nicolson , was considered "infernal bosh," its main features and suggestions have been submitted to the commission. The document, which relates to an inspection of the force in 1876, reports, inter alia, that a considerable portion of the men were under three years' service, and not so smart-looking as their seniors, and suggested that, so far as practicable, the metropolitan police should include the finest men in the force. It mentioned the instruc tion class then formed as likely to be bene ficial, if continued. It referred to the decayed state of the equipments, although they were as well kept by the constables as possible under the circumstances, and stated that the leather caps, or helmets, of some of the men were damaged, out of shape, &c. It is reported that some of the batons were split, and mended at the ends with large iron screw nails. It spoke of the police mess as being economical, and affording an enviable degree of comfort. The office of the Russell-street station was declared to be too confined, and it recommended that at least one officer should reside at the station. It further reported that Mr Nicolson had observed in the canteen several bottles of different sorts of spirits exposed for sale on a shelf (contrary to orders, July, 1868, and 2nd Dec, 1870 ). The report also alludes to an increase in the number of offences amongst the men in the years 1873, 1874, 1875, which it was thought might be attributable to the number of young men kept together in barracks, and to the sale of spirits in the canteen. It also pointed out that the Inventory of Government property boards were not hung up on the wall of each room, an omission contrary to orders.

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