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It being pretty well known, it is scarcely necessary for me to state that within the last few years several diamonds have been found in the alluvium on Reid's Creek. A few weeks ago a very fine brilliant was found.

The topaz and other valuable stones have been found in the same locality.

On a high range, near Bowman's Forest, a slate quarry bas been partially opened. It is contemplated to open it up, and on the completion of the railway to Echuca to forward slates, via the Murray, to the Melbourne and provincial markets.

As the requirements for the better development of the mineral resources of the division. I am of opinion, after mature consideration, notwithstanding, as compared with other gold-fields of the colony, this division is naturally well watered, that the great desideratum is a plentiful supply of water to the gold and tin miners, for sluicing purposes, and although it is stated that the Beechworth Waterworks' supply is reckoned at 127,000,000 gallons, which quantity of water could be trebled by the addition of fourteen feet of embankment, this statement coupled with the facts that the Ovens Goldfields Waterworks Company supply water to the gold miner on a small scale, and supplies are also obtained from what are called springs, by driving tunnels into the ranges in the neighbourhood of Stanley, &c. I am of opinion that a much more abundant supply, and consequently a far more comprehensive scheme than the above collectively, is required for the development of the gold and tin mining resources of this division. Whilst I am not prepared, with my present limited knowledge of the adjoining divisions of this district, to recommend any particular scheme of water supply, I am led to conclude that it would be practicable to construct waterworks that may be available for the Omeo (northern part), Buckland Yackandandah, Indigo, and the Beechworth divisions.

But as the best sources and mode of supply can only be known by careful hydrographical and hydraulic surveys, 1 would respectfully recommend that surveys be made of that portion of the country bounded by Futter's Range, the Australian Alps, and the river Murray .

I would take this opportunity of respectfully pointing out the necessity for the completion of a half-inch mining and physical map, and also of the great advantages that would be derived from a half-inch geological map of the entire district.

I have the honour to be, Sir,

Your most obedient servant,

(Signed) JOHN USHER, jun., C E.,

Mining Surveyor, &c, Beechworth Division.

Pennyweight Flat. - Alluvial miners-28 Europeans, 2 Chinese; machinery for alluvial mining-whims and pulleys, 1; sluices and toms, 4 ; sluice boxes, 490 ; approximate value of all mining plant, £774.

One-mile Creek.-Alluvial miners-20 Europeans, 5 Chinese: machinery for alluvial mining-sluices and toms, 2; sluice-boxes 123; approximate value of all mining plant £185.

Two-mile Creek.-Alluvial miners-27 Europeans, 10 Chinese; quartz miners-4 Europeans; machinery for alluvial mining sluices and toms, 10: sluice-boxes, 71; machinery for quartz-mining-1 steam engine of 16-horse power; crushing machines, 1; approximate value of all mining plant, £1,012.

Three-mile Creek.-Alluvial miners- 64 Europeans, 195 Chinese; machinery for alluvial mining-puddling machines, 1 ; sluices and toms, 84; hydraulic hoses, 1; sluice-boxes 304 ; approximate value of all mining plant £536.

Six mile Creek.-Alluvial miners- 8 Europeans, 14 Chinese; machinery for alluvial mining- sluices and toms, 4; sluice-boxes 23: approximate value of all mining plant £35.

Hurdle Creek .-Alluvial miners-16 Europeans; machinery for alluvial mining whims and pulleys, 1; sluices and toms, 5; sluice boxes, 21: approximate value of all mining plant, £72.

Deep Creek. -Alluvial miners - 21 Europeans; machinery for alluvial mining sluices and toms, 6; sluice-boxes, 32; approximate value of all mining plant, £48.


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