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After these orders shall have been published in the Government Gazette and the newspapers, the men may be shot without being summoned to surrender, and that by any one whether a constable or not. The orders, proclaimed by the Governor in Council were published in last night’s Gazette.




No further movement by the police has taken place to-day, notwithstanding the rumour afloat last night that the troopers here were under orders to make a start. It has, however, transpired that a party somewhat resembling Kelly’s gang were seen in the vicinity of Reynold’s store, near Glenrowan, on the night of Friday last. The statement has not, however, been authenticated, and it is thought by the authorities that if such a party were at the spot indicated it must have been some shearers. There is, however, this to be considered, that there is a probability of Kelly and his comrades having passed there, if the tracks followed from Lake Rowan were theirs. The place indicated is a little on the Melbourne side of the Glenrowan railway station, and at the south of the Warby Ranges, and continuing the track from the place where it was lost they might have come round the southern spur of the range and have made towards the railway line with the intention of crossing it, and making towards Greta, where they have so many friends, and then on towards the head of the King River. The crossing of the railway, however, appears to me to be somewhat of a difficulty in their way, as they could scarcely do so without leaving some trace of their movements. Their horses would not now be in good enough condition to jump the fences on either side of the line, which are somewhat stiff ones, and they could not pass through any of the gates without the gatekeeper knowing of it. It has now become the general impression that the capture of the gang will be a longer job than was at first anticipated, but even if this is the case no blame can be attached to the authorities for the delay. For 15 months before the fatal attack on Sergeant Kennedy’s party the Kellys evaded pursuit in the mountain ranges, and now when they know it is a matter of life and death they will be still more cautious.

Nothing has been heard to-day from any of the search parties that are out, and the authorities are evidently waiting for some trustworthy information before they make a fresh start, so as not to wear out the horses in following up a blind trail. When the night train arrived here from Melbourne, it was stated by some of the passengers that a rumour was current at Seymour that the troopers had encountered the gang, and that two of the latter had been shot. This was all that they knew, but the authorities here have received no such information, and as the Seymour telegraph office was closed at the time, no info rmation could be obtained from there. No credence is, however, attached to the statement.



This morning, about 2 o’clock , a party of horsemen galloped through the main street yelling and shouting with all their might, occasionally stopping in front of some of the dwellings of the principal residents and halloaing lustily, and then galloped off down the road. One person got up to ascertain who the disturbers were, and stated that there were three or four men on horseback. It has been hinted that the party consisted of the notorious Kelly gang, who passed through Mansfield of bravado, knowing that no police are here to apprehend them. I do not altogether fall into the notion that the gang would be so foolhardy as to run such a risk, but they could do it without being molested by the one or two policemen who are left here; and this only goes to prove what is frequently remarked, that Mansfield is not sufficiently protected by the police. Information arrived here to-day to the effect that Walter Lynch was with the Kelly party the night before the police were murdered, and could give information as to who the two unknown men are who are with the Kellys. Other informants, who are well acquainted with the district, state that if the gang were desirous to get into New South Wales they would not attempt to cross over between Wodonga and Echuca, but most certainly above this point by North Gipps Land , and into the ranges of the Upper Murray .


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