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Lancefield robbery

It was about half past 12 when Lowe was found by Constable Fox proceeding along the White hills road in the direction of Goornong. When Bray was arrested, at half past 1 this morning, at the Golden Fleece Hotel, near the Cattle yards, he was asleep in bed. There were two other beds in the room, and above and under the bedclothes covering Bray notes, sovereigns, and half sovereigns were scattered. Under the bed within reach of his hand, was the revolver which Lowe had in his possession when the bank was robbed. All five chambers were loaded. The police party consisted of Detectives Hartney and Alexander Senior constable Linehan, and Constables Kilfedder and Fox.

The door of the room was burst open and the prisoner, who was only partially undressed, secured before he had time to make any resistance. In the course of his statement Lowe remarked, "1 suppose I'll get 20 or 21 years on the two charges,' referring to the Lancefield robbery and the Goornong assault and robbery." That'll settle I'd as soon have my neck stretched as get 21 years. If I get 21 years I'll never finish. I'll do something when I'm in the gaol to finish it. I should not have parted with the iron (meaning the revolver) to the young fellow." In reply to this, one of those present remarked to Lowe that if he had retained the revolver he might have done something that he would afterwards have been sorry for. "Why," rejoined Lowe, "should a man carry what he does not intend to use? I would at any rate have shot myself." When the men went to Eaglehawk yesterday afternoon, it appears it was their intention at first to remain there for the night.

They walked about the town for a time and cashed some of the Commercial Bank notes, and inquired of a lad if there was a jewellers in the town. An affirmative answer being given, they proceeded to find the place, but before they reached it Constable Butler, who was formerly stationed in the Heathcote district passed between them Butler did not recognise Lowe, but Lowe immediately knew the constable, and he and Bray without delay went to the hotel where they had left their bags, and returned to Sandhurst by cab. Lowe's wife came to Sandhurst today. The men spent money very freely whilst in Sandhurst, and in one hotel which they visited between Sandhurst and Eagle- hawk knocked down in shouting a sum of £8. This afternoon Bray was driven by the police in the direction of Quarry hill, to see if the former could discover the place where he had thrown his top coat containing the keys of the bank safe and some documents which had been taken with the money. After driving about the locality for some time, Bray said he was unable to point out the spot where ho had thrown the articles, and he was again brought to the watchhouse.


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