The Argus at KellyGang 7/7/1881

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Wednesday, July 6

Present:-Messrs. Longmore (chairman), Anderson , Hall, Gibb, and Graves, MLA's.

The Very Rev Dean Gibney , was re-called and cross-examined by Superintendent Sadleir. He deposed that on his arrival at Glenrowan the innocent persons had left the hotel some hours. Could not say he recognised Mr. Sadleir as the officer in command until he approached the hotel to enter it, after it was set on fire. Did not speak to Mr. Sadleir until after the hotel was set on fire. It was quite possible the police might have been acting under definite orders without his knowing it. Was probably not aware of the whole of the circumstances. The bodies of Dan Kelly and Hart were not stiff, and he did not think they were cold; but as to the latter he could not judge with certainty. Only entered the hotel from a sense of religious duty, would not have entered it for any other reason, as he believed that, had the outlaws been alive, anyone going into the house would have been killed. Mr. Sadleir, immediately after the fire, spoke to witness in a very complimentary manner. Hardly thought he would have given up the bodies to the outlaws' friends, but it was a difficult matter to judge.

Alexander Fitzpatrick , ex-constable, gave evidence as to his having tried to arrest Dan Kelly on a charge of horsestealing, and having been fired at and wounded in the arm in the attempt. He had been discharged from the force on a report from Senior-constable Mays that he had neglected his duty at Lancefield. His reinstatement was petitioned for by the public. Had been stationed in Sydney to watch departing vessels for the outlaws, it being supposed they might try to escape at that port. Was not aware that the police authorities at Sydney had complained of his conduct. 

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