The North Eastern Ensign at KellyGang 4/2/1873

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(full text transcription)

Some time since Messrs. Williams and Crocker cut a track from Violet Town through the Strathbogie ranges into Dry Creek near d Mr Pemberton's store (an old resident in that locality). The truck opens up land that has as yet been unexplored excepting by stock riders, boundary men, &e. Messrs Williams and Crocker have done n great benefit to the free selectors in cutting the track, as it is a district of good land. The track also does away with the terror of being lost in the is Strathbogie ranges, which has always been. a drawback to intending selectors of that splendid country. The land generally speaking is composed of a rich red loam, heavily a timbered but with good open flats. The land will fully pay the selector for his trouble and expense of clearing, and there is abundance of water and grass. The traffic also will be an other inducement, as all the numerous produce from Mansfield, Jamieson, and Wood's Point, and surrounding districts will come by this track. Mr. Williams has driven through a in his buggy with two of his children. The distance to Mr Pemberton's store is about 16 a miles; from thence to Doon about three a miles, and then the main road to Mansfield. Mr Williams describes it as a good track, and with little expense can be made a road which any waggon or dray can travel.

Mr Nixon is proceeding rapidly with his contract in the erection of the sheds, platform, &e., for the railway terminus at Violet Town, and is; getting quite a small township about him. The town has not looked so lively for r some time past. The quoit match is put off a until the 21st April, when there will be a number of matches played that were to come off this month.

The sharp turn just coming on to the straight on the Wangaratta racecourse seems to be a fatal place for accidents. During this race meeting three horses have come to grief ant the same spot. One of the jockeys broke his arm and another was severely bruised. Surely this is sufficient to call the attention of the Race Committee to the place with a view to a remedy of the matter. The turn is too sharp altogether, and it would be well if the committee were to shift the running slightly to do away with the sharp turn, unless, indeed, they are regardless of the lives and limbs of those who ride to afford them pleasure. It is to be hoped that some thing will be done by the next meeting to prevent a repetition of these accidents.

The pedestrian Edwards walked on the Agricultural Grounds on Saturday last seven miles within the hour. The walking was a very fair toe and heel work. The first mile was done in 8 min. 10 sec., the second in 9 min. 30 sec., the third mile in 6 min., the fourth mile in 8 min., the fifth mile in 8 min. 3 sec., the sixth mile in 11 min. 15 see., the seventh mile in 8 min. and 12 sec., making seven miles in 59 min. 32 sec., and considering that the time was not called to him properly, this was exceedingly fast.

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