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One of the original properties in the Kelly Country

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History at Ullina before the KellyGang

Ullina station runs towards Chiltern, Rutherglen, Wangaratta & Beechworth

It was first taken up by Jason & Hannah Withers in 1847. They had 10 children. One of thier children, Annie Withers married George Smith. They had 6 children. One of their children Edgar Smith married - unknown- and had a child Reginald Smith.

Edgar Smith had a large acreage farm at Wangandary, between Wangaratta and the Warby Ranges which he named 'Ulina' after Jason Withers station. When Edgar Smith passed away on 8/06/1965, Reginald Smith took over the farm.

In 1972 Reginald Smith sold off a large portion of the Ulina farm and built a new house on 180 acres on the bottom portion of the property. He took the Ulina name to the new property.

Robert W.P Ashley has been working on the Withers history and genealogy for a long time and has produced a book on the family.

It is unsure if Ulina was spelt with one L or 2 Ls. Some of the information going back a long way spells the name both ways.

In 1876 the license was held by James Chandler and Robert Turner , ? acres, license fee half year £25



Where did the name Ullina come from

The original aboriginal owners

The first selectors

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Bontherambo Plains

What was Ullina like in the late 1870's

Many of the chinese miners who went to mine gold at Chiltern came up the River Murray and then accross Ullina

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Ullina was part of the county used by the KellyGang to move stolen cattle and horses over. They also used the area when they were on the run from the police

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Ullina

On the southern side of the Murray River and near Wodonga

What happened at Ullina after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Ullina today - a place in the Kelly Country and story of Ned Kelly