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Importance of Mr Willis

I lived at Beechworth and knew the Sherritt family. I was a saddler, and at one time hotelkeeper, at Wangaratta

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Autum 1879 One of Mrs Sherritt's daughters lived with me for eighteen months. (RC13772) see also Foster. Spring 1879 Early 1880 I knew about the cave party watching Mrs Byrne's place.

I told SConst Mullane that some person told me about the cave party. (RC13555)

An order was made by the bench that Sherritt was to get a month in Beechworth gaol if he did not pay me what he owed me. The order was forwarded by Mr. Langtree, my solicitor, (RC14044)

I knew that police were in Aaron Sherritt's house. (RC14045)


Early Career

William Willis was a councillor in Wangatta between 1864 & 1869 & the Mayor in 1868-1869. His wife was Maria Louisa Purtell

His daughter, Theresa Mary married George Rollo O’Sullivan; a builder at the time.

Is this the same William Willis

Later Career

I gave evidence to the Royal Commission on 22/7/1881.

How did the press report my evidence. (Argus26/7/81)



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What happened to Mr Willis's family