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Last week Mr Goodall, printer and publisher, late of. Market-square, Melbourne, passed through our township on his way to Mansfield, for the purpose of starting a local paper in that place. There is about as much chance for two newspapers in Mansfield as there is a necessity for another sun in the firmament during one of our hot summer days, but as the paper about to be established by Mr Goodall will be a local one that is printed in the township, whereas the present so-called Mansfield Independent is printed at Benalla, 40 miles off, there can be no question an to, which paper is likely to be best supported. The Mansfield Independent, by being a cesspool for all the filth that is sent to it from Alexandra, has to some extent succeeded in creating an ill feeling between people who might otherwise have been on the very best of terms. Like all other mischief-makers, it is now. found oat, and will very properly, get the cold shoulder:

The Gobur will take place on St. Patrick's Day. As the last meeting was a very successful one, we have no doubt but that there will be a good gathering. on the forthcoming occasion. We notice that the Thornton Races have been fixed for the same day. As many of the people would like to attend both events we would suggest that some alteration be made to suit the public.

A stranger arrived in Gobur on Monday. last, and half-a-dozen men were told off to watch his movements, by way of ascertaining whether he was a bailiff, or other emissary come to lay hold of the Working Miners' Gold Mining Company's ground. It was only after a solemn assurance from the suspected one that he had nothing whatever to do with the claim, and that he had come from, Spring Creek to see a friend, that this vigilance committee ceased to keep a close watch on the man's movements.

Warden Butler will hold a Court at Alexandra Tuesday next, at which all postponed cases from the Court held by Warden Akehurst on Wednesday last will be heard.

Our Durham Gully Correspondent informs us that a miner named Andrew Yates was killed at Growler's this week by a quantity of earth falling on him while in a drive. A magisterial inquiry was held on the body of the deceased by S Wilson, Esq, JP

The Acheron Flour Mill, erected by Mr Nicholson, has now commenced operations, as will be seen by advertisement

A cricket mach - Yea and Higinbotham v Alexandra - will take place on the Alexandra ground on Wednesday. the 23rd instant, We understand that a match, also to be played at Alexandra, will shortly take place between Mansfield na1d Alexandra against Wangaratta.

We understand that the entertainment which takes place on Monday evening next at the theatre, Eldorado Hotel, is likely to prove a great success. We are in firmed that the tickets are going off rapidly, and we would advise those who wish to secure a good seat to go early. Rehearsals have been actively going on during the past week, and we are assured that nothing will be wanting to render this performance equal to anything of the kind hitherto attempted in Alexandra.

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