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Should Godfrey's Creek revive again, and make fresh advances in material prosperity, it certainly will not be on account of any spirit displayed or assistance rendered by the resident business people of Gobur; for, a morn narrow-minded, near-sighted, close-fisted, and selfish set of persons could not be found in all Victoria. When the good times, which "are coming boys,” come, and trade becomes brisk, these persons will expect, no, doubt, to benefit by the improved state of things, notwithstanding that some of them have, plainly said, " not one shilling would they risk, to help to improve the place," The publicans, whom Gobur rejoices in possessing, employ their time, in devising schemes whereby to while away some of their hard-earned money from the working miners: the other trades-people have been, and are satisfied to live at a "poor dying rate," by doing a safe ready money trade, and to take in, shillings, when, had a little spirit been displayed by them, pounds would have been coming in instead.

They are too knowing and wide awake, you must know, to run any risk, whatever; besides they know that all men are rogues as well as liars, and only want the chance to got their goods on credit, and then to run away without paying for them. True, as Adam Smith says, there is the element of failure in every business;" but the Gobur business people don't mind Adam Smith, and don’t admit his proposition; they take good care that no element of failure shall mix itself up in their transactions; and so, the first step towards prosperity has been taken, not by the business people of Gobur, which is a shame, and a disgrace, but by outsiders, who care nothing for the people or the place, excepting inasmuch as the working of their leased ground. is concerned, and the winning gold from the said working.

T’is well that Godfrey's Creek is being worked at all: indeed some of the members of the New Gobur Company say, that they ground would have lain idle for years longer, 'had they not taken it in hand; of course it is easy enough for them to say so, and under existing circumstances, the assertion cannot well be disproved; still, close on the heels of their starting operations, there, are no less than four new leases applied for, and granted, in which work will soon be started: this in itself speaks volumes. As employment becomes more plentiful, (which is a question of time only) and more miners come to reside at Godfrey's Creek do doubt, new blood will be injected into the veins of Gobur, in the shape of tradesmen, who may see it their interest to come and started business. Competition is the life of trade, it is said, and the old resident miners won't object in the least to find a little wholesale composition springing up bye and bye.


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