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(full text transcription)


(From Our Own Correspondent)

June 14

The prospects of Gobur, though very dull for some time, are brightening up a little. The mining interest is being pushed on more vigorously than, it has been for some months back, and the speedy resuscitation of this township may be looked forward to with some certainty.

The Revival Gobur, under the managerial guidance of Mr Lund is being steadily proceded with. In sinking the shaft Mr Lund has experienced great difficulty in getting through the drift, being almost flooded out with drift water, but after weeks of patient, earnest effort, to the credit of themself and men, he has succeeded in getting through the drift, and securely pugged the shaft, and he hopes soon to bottom. It is to be hoped that the indomitable energy. of Mr Lund and his men may be rewarded by rich yields from the bowels of their mine.

The Just-in-Time quartz mine is also being pushed on energetically. The water has given some trouble, but has now very much subsided. In a few days the men expect to be on the reef, getting out stone The reef promises to turn out well, and I understand the shares in consequence are running up considerably.

The votaries of Terpsichore at Gobur may now have their hearts’ desires gratified. On Thursday last a select, quadrille assembly was inaugurated and judging from the enjoyable way in which it passed off, it promises to be a very successful affair. About twenty couples were present. Mr Allan as musician was very good.

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