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From Cranbourne to Sherwood, thence to Tooradin Inlet - nine miles - the land, with one or two exceptions, has fallen into the hands of absentees, though it is good either for grazing or other purposes. The inlets now commence, of which Tooradin is the largest. Steer's hotel is at the bridge, and both hotel and bridge are a credit to the district. Four miles from this you pass the mansion of Mr W Lyall, formerly, of the old firm of Lyall, Bakewell, and Mackie which stands on an eminence overlooking Western port Bay, distant only a few yards. This gentleman and his former partners hold an immense acreage at this place. You can see the celebrated Romney Marsh, sheep. Herefords which have supplied many prize - takers to the neighbouring colonies, and his celebrated stud of Shetlands. It will well repay any one to visit this gentleman's property, where from his genial hospitality they would be sure to meet with a hearty welcome. The land, which is of the richest description, has been taken up and settled upon at this place and for 18 miles further.

The great draw back is the low lying situation, which prevents drainage to any great extent. It is no unusual thing, to see drains 10 feet by 8 feet to carry off the water, but the last lies so low that the tide sweeps up the drains for miles. Now you see the other drawback, viz., tea-tree, and it grows with a vengeance, making thousands of acres of the best land utterly useless, for is a weld-known fact that tea-tree will only grow on the best soil.

Passing on to Yallock, which Mr Beatty, of the Gap, bought from Mr Lyall lately at a cost of £23,000 (and dirt-cheap at that if the appearance of the animals grazing there is anything so go by), with Monomeith on one, side and Mr Lyall's property on the other, then MeMillan's Caldermeade Estate you come to Tobin Yallock, a distance of 20 miles from Cranbourne. Here Mr Lacey’s property commences on the east, and Mr Lyall's on the west, This until lately was the boundary of the Cranbourne Shire, but through the apathy of the Phillip Island council adjoining, they had their boundary extended to Curdy's station, a distance of ten miles from this point. Here l had to camp, as the surly attitude of the owner of the station when I requested leave to have a "shakedown” gave me no encouragement to stop and I spent one of the most miserable nights I ever experienced in the colony. However. as you know of old, I never travel without Holloway in one pocket and Hennessy in the other, so I spent the night in wishing for the morning. For the last 16 miles I am working my way round Western port Bay, in fact my route from Cranbourne is following the bay, which makes a half circle. This is, two days from Melbourne, and take it all in all the trip so far is well worth the trouble.


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