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The township of Mansfield stands in the centre of one of the finest agricultural bolts of land in Victoria. The principal street which runs east and west is about three chains wide. It is kerbed, channelled, and kept in good order. The view to the east is both beautiful and grand. Mount Battery, close to-the township, is suggestive of the name it bears. It looks like an extensive military embankment, and no doubt will be used as such by the Mansfield people should circumstances ever call them to arms.

The district of Merrijig, remarkable for its fine chocolate soil, is distant about eight miles. Most of the land in that quarter is under crop. Further on in the same line Mount Buller raises its majestic form, giving a grand back ground to the scene. Buller s about the highest of the Australian Alps range. The snow on its summit still glitters in the sun notwithstanding the continuous warm weather we have had this spring. Dr Rowe holds upwards of 20,000 acres of purchased land to the east of the township, every acre of which is fit for the plough. A portion of this has been let on easy terms to small farmers, all of whom are doing well Mr Chennery is also an extensive freeholder of 15,000 acres. Mr Highett, MLC, has a station within two miles of the township, to the west, towards Maindample, of which there are 8,000 acres purchased. Besides those named there are a considerable number of gentleman freeholders, all in pretty in dependent circumstances. The greater portion of the population consists of small farmers, who either rent their ground on easy terms, from Dr Rowe and others, or are settlers under the 42nd section, all of whom seem to be in a prosperous condition, having an abundant supply of all the necessaries and many of the luxuries of life;

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