Alexandra Times at KellyGang 27/2/1875

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Feb. 19

I am glad to find that there is a marked improvement in our main road to Alexandra. Ruts are being filled in and small culverts are being constructed, which wore very much required for our safe travelling. I am no road engineer, but I have had experience in ruts and dilapidated culverts, especially the former, as I once got into a very nearly un-get-outable one not fifty miles from Gobur. I hope our local representatives will continue to exert themselves on our behalf in future in the same degree as they have done in the past. Mr Tucker is progressing satisfactorily with the work over the Big Hill.

Operations have been discontinued altogether by the New Gobur Co., and the men have not yet been settled with. This does not say much for the honor of the company as a whole, some of whom pride themselves on being able to take to themselves the illustrious words, mihi cura future.

The shareholders in the Victory Tribute Company, alter working for nearly four months and beating all expenses incident to working a large engine claim, have been obliged to give up the tribute through their inability from financial difficulties to continue any longer, although the whole party are satisfied that they are within 100ft. of payable gold. If the shareholders in the Victory Co. had only assisted these men to carry on for a short time longer by advancing a small sum of money, they would have been advancing their own interest, instead of having to take their machinery down and leave the ground unprosecuted as it stands at present. Of course they know their own business best.

The Triumph Co. is, I believe, taken on tribute by a Ballarat party, who are expected to take possession in a few days. This company, with commendable integrity, is endeavoring to settle a I outstanding accounts.

There is some likelihood of the Fountain Head alluvial rush being carried down the flat. If, so it will give Gobur another start.

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