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(full text transcription)


(To the Editor of the Alexandra Times.)

Sir,- In your issue of last Saturday, a letter appeared, signed "Samuel Town," attacking me - and I must say, in a very un kind manner--as Treasurer of the Gobur Club, for not giving up to him the funds entrusted to me by the committee, Mr Town having no authority to ask for or get the money. As regards myself, as treasurer, Mr Town's letter is untrue from beginning to end, therefore the members of the club have been good enough to report the minutes of the meeting, held this evening to your journal. All book, papers, and records of the club are open for the inspection of the club at any time.

I personally asked Mr Town to come to the meeting held this evening. He did not come, but sent an apology, which I think very unfair after making a charge against me, and then not giving me the chance of meeting before the members.

I, Sir, am, and always have been, ready at a moment's notice to hand over the money when requested by the committee to do so. I may add that the honest exertions I have always given to any public duty I have been connected with, together with over 16 years' residence and public confidence in this district, is I think a sufficient answer to a volume of impertinent letters from a comparative stranger such as I consider Mr Samuel Town.-

Yours, &c.,

WM. BAKER. Gobur, 23rd August, 1875.


A meeting of the above club was hold at Baker's Freemasons' Hotel, Gobur, on Monday, August 23rd. Members present Messrs A. Bunney, W. Baker, J. Cook, W. DeRoss, W. Johnson, and S. J. Rousseau.

The following apology was received from Mr Town:-" Gobur, August 23rd, 1875. W. Baker, Esq., Treasurer, Gobur Dramatic Club.-Sir,-Would you be good enough to apologize for my absence from the meeting this evening, as I find myself unable to attend. Any action of yours with a view of carrying out the intentions of the subscribers will meet with my concurrence. Personally, I think the best plan to adopt would be to hand over the money to the chairman of the board of advice, as that course would free us from any further annoyance in the matter. I am, Sir. &c.,-Samuel Town."

Mr A. Bunney, in the absence of the president, was voted to the chair.

The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed.

Proposed by Mr W Johnson, seconded by Mr J. Cook- “That a vote of censure be passed to Mr S Town for having singled out Mr Baker, treasurer of the club, in his letter to the Alexandra Times of the 20th inst., there being no meeting held of the members to dispose of the money in hand, the same being in total opposition to his own proposition made on July 9th, 1874, as follows: - 'Proposed by Mr Town- 'That the surplus of £5 3s. be invested in the purchase of books, &c., to be given as prizes for the children attending the State School, Gobur, such prizes to be awarded by a committee appointed for that purpose after the next inspection.' And that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Alexandra ,Times in justice to Mr Baker. "- Carried.

Proposed by Mr W. DeRoss, seconded by Mr Baker- "That the present committee confer with three members of the board of advice, viz., Messrs Simcocks, Cumming, and Bunney, on Tuesday, August 24th, for the purpose of discussing the boat means of disposing of the money in hand."-Carried. A vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman, and the meeting adjourned.

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