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We take the following, from a Godfrey's Creek correspondent to the Ballarat Courier. The general substance, of the letter we certify as correct: -

As an auriferous field, Godfrey's Creek appears to be of almost limitless extent, and nearly every shaft which has. gone down to bottom is on payable wash. I will first speak of the claims which are now obtaining pay able gold.

The You Never, Can Tell Company is situated about two miles from the head of the lead, and parallel with some very rich shallow workings, which have yielded nuggets varying in weight: from a. few pennyweights up to 60.oz each. These workings stand in the relation of tributaries to the main gutter, into which they empty themselves. This gutter traverses the whole length of the You Never Can Tell ground, and then enters that of the Golden Gate claim. The extent of claim is about 700 feet on the course of the gutter. A shaft has been sunk to a depth of 100 feet on to wash, which at present is proved 100 feet across. At this distance, the ground dips away, evidently showing much deeper country and wider wash than that at present being wroght. The washings hitherto have averaged 1 1/2 oz to the load, and in some cases 2 oz to the load (or about 30 oz to the machine), the wash dirt being taken 3 feet high; but this would, by Ballarat management, he taken 6 feet thick, as the gold lies also in the reef. There appears to be an unlimited field of wash, and the owners have only taken out very small amount, of ground (about 45 feet in length, and only the width of the cap-pieces), from which they have obtained already the sum of £1600, and with comparatively primitive appliances. I am convinced that, with the aid of steam machinery and good management, this claim would in two or three months be in a flourishing dividend position. I learn that it is already disposed of, and about to be registered under the limit.

I next come to the Golden Gate claim, adjoining the You Never Can Tell on the south, and consisting of 11 men's ground, or about 1000 feet on the lead. This claim is situated on rising ground (made hills), and, appears at present to be the premier one of the district as regards position and prospects. The shaft is down about 130 feet, and splendid wash proved, yielding 1 1/2 oz, to the small horse-load, and a very large area of highly payable wash is an accepted certainty. The ground here seems to be deepening. Winding and baling are carried on at present by means of a whim just erected. This property is, most deservedly worthy the attention of capitalists, as I feel sure the lead will be found to, be of considerable width and uniform richness throughout, and, in my opinion, will pay excellent dividends for a very long period. A most eligible site exists for a dam right alongside the shaft, and seems as if formed by nature for that particular purpose.

Proceeding south along the load, I next come to the Working Miners' claim, which is also regarded with high favor. Preparations are in progress for working this mine on a very extensive scale. The washings here, so far, have averaged 1 oz to the load. The area of ground is a large one, a porti6n of which was jumped some time ago, and I believe the affair was compromised with the jumper, thereby making the company's title secure.

Next follows the Ballarat Star claim, also possessing a large area of ground. The permanent works of this claim are well advanced; poppet-heads are erected, and there is a small portable engine on the ground, which does all the requisite winding and baling with ease. This company's prospects are considered very promising, trial crushings having yielded exceedingly gratifying results. It is expected, soon to be in full working; order.


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