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The squatters' harvest has now fairly set in throughout this district. Mr Wilson, of Borodomainan station, whose homestead is about four miles from Merton, has the best arrangements for washing, dipping, and shearing that we have seen anywhere in Victoria. The soaking tank, 18 feet by 12 and 4 feet deep, which, after being charged with soda and soap to the required strength, is then heated to 110 degrees by means of a jet of steam from a 10 horse power boiler. The sheep are first passed through this for one minute and well scoured. They are then plunged into a cold running stream, in which they remain for two minutes. This sudden change from heat to cold produces all the effects of the Turkish bath on the human system. The sheep seem refreshed, and in no instance do they appear to suffer from the process. It ought to be here stated that the water of the creek is unusually cold, being about 45 degrees. This, however, is remedied by damming the creek about half a mile above the-dip and throwing the water over a swamp of some 50 nacres, by which the temperature is raised to 70 degrees by the time it reaches the plunge.

After the sheep have passed through the scouring process, the wool on their backs is .as clean or cleaner than any we have over seen. The arrangements of the shearing' yards are most complete, and twenty-four shearers are kept constantly at work. The labyrinth of gates, pens, drafting yards, &c:, admit of ingress and egress in such a manner as to prevent the possibility of any mixing of one pen with another. The dip is constructed on the samer principle as the soaking tank, lime and sulphur being used. A solution of tobacco is also applied where there is any suspicion of scab. The whole process of washing, shearing, and dipping employs about b3 men and boys who put through about 1700 sheep daily. The sheep on this run, which for the most part is hilly rain dry, are in good condition and find ready sale in the surrounding locality. The scenery in the neighborhood of the homestead is extremely beautiful, and squatting is seen under most favorable circumstances at Boroudomanan.


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