Alexandra Times at KellyGang 7/11/1874

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The now ancient, but not historical township is not progressing so prosperously as its residents and friends could wish; indeed there are some who think of trying elsewhere for the means of luxuriously passing their lives in a state which the resources of this township do not at present permit of their doing. I regret, however, to state that there are others who have not the choices referred to, but have to retire regardless of their own wishes one way or the other, and one gentleman in particular whose energy and faith in the district had gone far to keep up its stability to the present time, and who will always be remembered kindly by the working men as one to assist and help in time of need when gold and tucker were alike scarce. The depression which drives a man from an indifferent and non-paying business may, however, serve to place him on the high road to fortune in another locality, and we all hope this may be the luck in this case.

Gobur, however; is not dead yet, and there are many who pin their faith there still. How welcome, therefore, must have been the information brought into the town on Monday that some prospecting operations being carried on in the neighborhood of the Red Streak. about a mile and a half out, had resulted in Jim Healy and party bottoming their shaft on in fine prospect of wash; I don't know how much to the dish, and if I did it wouldn't, perhaps, be believed except by those who saw it. A rush was immediately made for all available ground likely to contain the same run, and considerable excitement was occasioned over some of the takings up, the pegs being sometimes used on the legs or head of any intruder desiring to know what was pegged or what was not pegged. Other favorable indications have since been found, and a good number of men are at work, so we shall soon know more.

There are surely some places where all the natural geniality of man and all the cheerfulness of nature must be crushed out, but when I state to it Raeuber is still the same man in habits and appearance as when he ruled over the Spring Creek Hotel, you will be able to appreciate the character and disposition of such a host.

I will, however, now give an idea of what the old miners are doing. The directors of the Victory Co. propose accepting tribute for their claim on Saturday next and as there are many intending offers from good parties, this company will soon be actively developing its resources.

The Triumph Co., like most of the others, has had a few troubles to contend with. However good it claim may be, unless it can be pretty quickly made clear that it will pay, absent shareholders object to interminable expenses and require much persuasion; hence the working men, who as a rule object to giving credit, sometimes unduly push a company who do not intend any evasion. It is however, good that the work goes on, and the lead being well defined, there is every probability of results keeping up to the average. The interests of the shareholders are pretty safe in the hands of such a mining manager its Mr Addis.

O'Callaghan's tribute party are working their portion of the New Gobur Company's ground with great energy, and are quite satisfied with the prospects before them. They are now extending their main drive south, in order to connect the workings between the Gobur and Waterloo shafts, and are also driving from the latter to meat. The drives are expected to be connected in about a week, which when done will open up a fine body of wash dirt. The manager informs me he intends opening up the north drives as soon as the southern ground is in working order. The north portion of the lease is maiden ground extending some 900 feet, which is proved to be payable.

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