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(full text transcription)


(From a Correspondent)

What do I think of Gobur? Well, if you have never been there, you should hurry as fast as possible, and regale your visuals with a sight of it. 'Tis like a little - no it isn't a bit. I feel half inclined to write h - l below, but never mind, it's not just so bad as all that. The town is certainly a little scraggy, and is not beautiful, indeed-it makes no pretentions to beauty that I have heard of, and so I suppose it doesn't mean to he a "joy for ever," as somebody has said "a thing of beauty is." However it is growing small by degrees and beautifully less, and now that the old claim is injuncted, and all work stopped, it will be lesser soon, and then lessest. But what am I blathering about? The tributors of the Gobur Company's ground, headed by a man yclept "Long Russell," have commenced work, and the town, thank God, is safe in consequence. The miners on the Red Streak are all on good gold, or if they are not, they ought to be. I know, however, that some of the claims are paying well, and fresh ones are being taken up almost daily.

The new company which was being formed by Mr McGill, the Great Republic, I hear is no longer great, but rather small. It is hoped that it may still put in an appearance and set to work, as the gold is undoubtedly to be found if sunk for.

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