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Near Everton on the Ovens River,about half way between Greta and Beechworth


The Bridge was built in ??

The Blind Bridge was on of the few crossing points over the Ovens River. It was on the main road route from Melbourne to Beechworth. The coaches and carriers travelled on the main route north which went from Benalla to Winton, Getra , over the Ovens River on the Blind Bridge and then north into the mountains to Beechworth. The Bridge needed to be strong enough to allow bullock drays loaded with mining equipment and all the other things needed by the bussy town of Beechworth



Importance of Blind Bridge

In October 1878 there had been quite a bit of rain and the Blind Bridge was one of the few places to cross the Ovens River when travelling from north to south

Of course this route lost its importance from 1878 when the railway line was completed from Melbourne to Beechworth, but the police thought that it was important to watch it in their efforts to catch the KellyGang as they rode all over the area of the Ovens River

Links to the KellyGang

KellyGang purchased boxes of sardines & horse feed in Everton then crossed under railway at Blind Bridge, 28/10/1878 (RC3149)

What happened at Blind Bridge after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at the area of Blind Bridge today

The bridge has been replaced a few times and today it is just part of the road network of the area. People who travel up the Ovens valley to enjoy the wonderful country sites of the Bright area, the wineries, and the snow fields think little about the bridge and its history.