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Please enjoy the story of the KellyGang, but also remember that at least 10 people died and many more had their lives changed in ways that may still be painful to some people.

The KellyGang were 'cited' all over Northestern Victoria and into southern New South Wales in the areas around Glenrowan, and Beechworth, Benalla, Greta, Mansfield, Melbourne, the Murray and through the area south from Euroa, and the Riverina of southern New South Wales. We also have links to all the other places in the Australian Colonies that are part of the story of the KellyGang.

The places listed below are have a direct link to the story of the KellyGang. There are lots of other places that are important to this story. While they may not have been referred to in any of the books, they were part of the area of the KellyGang in the period from the 1860s to 1880s. The mining settlements, rivers, selections, squatting runs and towns etc are as important to this story as the people. Many of these paces are also listed in the topic indexes. Many places are identified through their original links with European settlement as squatting runs. They were the centres of power and the target of setters like the members of the Kelly family who just wanted a small parcel of land to be free and feed their families.

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