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== 1 September 1911 ==
== 1 September 1911 ==
{{Full Text}}
=== full text ===
'''&quot;DAMN THE KELLYS!&quot;'''
'''&quot;DAMN THE KELLYS!&quot;'''

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1 September 1911

(full text transcription)


"Damn the Kellys! I never got a pound of their money all the time I was there. Much good may it do them that did get it. But Jones's never got a cent of it, to my knowledge. I don't know who got it, and I don't care. I didn't.

"The police have said things about my character. Most of them never had any. I've known police do things that gaolbirds would be ashamed of. I've known police to rob and beat drunken men, to rob each other, to rob me-to rob anyone they could reach. And worse than that. And they've come to me and asked me to befriend them, and I have refused. It wasn't wise to go against the police in those days. But I didn't care. I have references from the biggest and best men in Ireland. My husband-the last one-was a gentleman. He came from the West End of London. And I am living now on the interest of £2000 that he left me when he died.

"There's one of the Kelly's I know. That's Jim. He was in trouble long ago. But I have heard that it was not him, but a relative of his, that did it. It wasn't much that was done, anyhow. Jim, he said that it

Would be better for him, who was single, to do the time, than for the other, who wasn't. So he did it. That's the sort of man he is."

  • * * * * *

"But can you remember what happened that night at your hotel?"

"Remember? Yes! I can never forget. Only there is so much to remember, and it all happened so quickly, that sometimes I don't quite know which was first or last, or what. But-"

Here the unfortunate women fell into a fit of coughing and choking, so severe that the attendant had to lift her out of bed and take remedial measures of a special character. It was already well on in the afternoon, and the interviewer took his leave, promising to return in the morning.

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