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Herald (12)

The Herald continued with its reports of the KellyGang and Glenrowan.

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BENALLA, This day

The police are making preparations to escort Mr Bickerton, the police magistrate at Wangaratta, from that place to Greta, to hold an inquiry on the remains of Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. A large body of armed troopers has been despatched to Mrs Skillion’s hut as it is reported that there are at least 50 sympathisers there all armed and determined to resist the holding of the inquiry. Dick Hart is very conspicuous by his conduct, and swears that he will head another and stronger gang than that of Ned Kelly and take to the bush.



Now that the excitement is somewhat allayed people are questioning the steps taken by the police in burning the hotel at Glenrowan while an innocent person still remained there. Public opinion also strongly condemns the alleged cowardice and untruthfulness of the four troopers who were at Sherritt’s hut when he was murdered. The inquest on Aaron Sherritt's remains was resumed this morning at the Vine Hotel, Beechworth. The depositions previously taken having been read over,

Mrs Barry, the mother-in-law of the deceased, was further examined, and said: -- During the time I was outside, Byrne placed me between him and the door. There was no opening behind at the back of the door. No one else could have fired but Byrne. Persons in the bedroom could not have fired. There were four shots fired at the side of the house. There was no shot fired by the police. When Ducress went into the bedroom after he heard the shot, it was so that he should not be saying. There was no shot fired in the other door. I did not notice Dan Kelly firing the shot, as Aaron went to the door. When he mentioned the sapling, it was simply done as a lark. Did not hear any one else shout. As far as I know there were only two persons there. The doors were open for some time after Byrne fired the shot. He sent me to see whether the boards had been removed. I went and saw that the board had not been removed. About fifteen minutes after, Byrne spoke to me and told me he was going to set fire to the house. He asked was there any kerosene in the house, I said “No.” He asked what was burning on the table. I said it was a candle. At that time Dan Kelly was gathering bushes to set fire to the house. Weekes was standing there all the time. I said to Joe, “For God's sake don't burn the house. The girls (meaning my daughter) is inside.” Joe said, “Fetch her out.” I said “If I go in they would not let me out.” I tend asked him for God's sake not to the house I went in an heard nothing more of the gang and told that was marking in doubt to or four o'clock in the morning, as if someone was around the house. To a juror: I did not leave home the whole of next day or during the night. Some police were sent out in the morning. I could not tell what time. Some police were sent into the front room from the bedroom during the night. Byrne had a hat on, but his face could be seen. The police could not see Byrne through a calico door, Byrne had a good view of the


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