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Another special train was despatched for the scene of operations at a quarter past two. It conveyed twelve of the Garrison Artillery under command of Captain Anderson, and also a heavy piece of artillery, with which it is intended to blow Jones’ hotel, if the outlaws will not surrender.


Senior Constable Walsh and half a dozen other policemen have been sent up expressly as the body guard to fetch Kelly to Melbourne gaol.

A quantity of ammunition was forward from the Victoria Barracks by this afternoon’s train.

A detachment of the Garrison Artillery has also gone up. These men excited much notice as they passed through the city, their destination being guessed by everyone.

Superintendent Hare has forwarded the following telegram:- “The pilot engine was stopped half a mile from Glenrowan, and we were told the line had been pulled up by the Kellys a mile beyond Glenrowan. Train and pilot went up to Glenrowan station. I jumped out of the train, and went to the stationmaster’s house. The wife told me everybody in Glenrowan had been taken in the bush by the Kellys. I immediately ordered every man out of the train, and at the same moment Constable Bracken rushed up, saying he had escaped from Jones’s public house, and for God’s sake go quickly or they will get away. I then ran away, with two or three men following me, and I went up towards Jones’s, and when I got within 50 or 80 yards a shot was fired from the house, and struck me in the left wrist (not seriously). I immediately got the house surrounded by all the men I had. I have telegraphed for men from Wangaratta and Mr Sadleir made all available men to go up at once.

“Ned Kelly has three bullet wounds in him Dr Nicholson does not consider any of them mortal. Police very plucky anf game. The armour the gang have on is formed out of ploughshares

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